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by Lady Charlotte Lynham

I found out about cabi Clothing through social media and what intrigued me about this brand was the unusual way they run their business. At the heart of cabi is their Stylists who are entrepreneurs, confidence-builders, world-changers. From helping a woman change how she sees herself in the mirror to helping a woman in the developing world change the trajectory of her family and community, cabi are a community of women making a real difference for others. If you check out their online shop you can watch and interact with their stylists to find what styles suit you from cabi’s seasonal capsule collections. This offering I think really helps women see the collection as a wardrobe where you can mix and match designs. It is also a great way to offer styling digitally meaning cai’s model is COVID19 proof. On top of this, the clothes I found to be well made, well tailored, true to size and easy to style thanks to their inspirational videos. So what is cabi and what are they about? We spoke to cabi’s President Katie Malone about the brand.What is cabi?

Cabi was originally founded in 2002 and was really born from a group of women who set out to solve 2 problems – the way women shop and the way women work. 18 years ago, we wanted to really transform the way women experienced fashion, style, and service.  And we do this through an alternative shopping & personal styling experience that can be done when, where and how the women wants – either in-person experiences (either in a group or one-on-one), or virtually through our propriety virtual shopping platform, called Front Row, or through what we call Anytime Services – which is through our mobile app, cabi Tap, or online through our website, or through our monthly subscription services, which we call Curated by cabi. So we truly offer an omni channel shopping and styling experience, but at the core of it all, which makes us very different from traditional fashion retail, is a personal Stylist who is providing this unique styling experience, she’s presenting an unedited designer collection to her clients in whatever way her client chooses, but most importantly, she is getting to know their personal style, what works and what doesn’t work for them, and over time, they become their trusted go to fashion resource. Which is a good segue to the second problem we set out to solve – the way women work.  We also created cabi as a way to give women a career alternative that allows them to build a substantial entrepreneurial business while putting first things first in their lives , they can really build their business and serve their clients in whatever way works best for them– we have women who do this alongside full time jobs, but we also have women who do cabi full time.Tell me about the Heart of cabi Foundation?

Established in 2005, the Foundation is the realization of a dream for the Founders of cabi. From the earliest days, they dreamed of creating a company that could stir a ripple of goodness that would extend far beyond individual efforts. Cabi is not a business seeking to be successful for success’ sake. We are a business seeking to do well…in order to do good. The Foundation partners with exceptional nonprofit organizations to fulfill the mission of encouraging and empowering women in need. From distributing clothing to local communities affected by natural disasters to empowering women entrepreneurs in the developing world to work their way out of poverty to contributing to the education and futures of Rwandan children, we’re passionate about serving and investing in women and families across the globe. Over $59 million USD in clothing and monetary contributions have been donated to organizations such as Dress for Success, Opportunity International, Smart Works, and World Vision that share the deep commitment to invest and serve women in need.

For more information on cabi or their Foundation see their website.

For more on cabi’s Social Responsibility policies and Code of Conduct see online.

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