Café Boulud


After I worked up an appetite from my morning swim, I navigated myself to the second floor with high expectation of my first meal at this establishment. With flashes of metal for a luxurious air filling the upper level, I was graciously welcomed by the hostess at the Café Boulud restaurant.

Headed by the world famous Michelin starred Chef Daniel Boulud, the retro-modern diner captures the soul of French culinary tradition. From the brasserie décor accentuated by a wraparound bar and low-banquette table seating, to its signature gleaming rotisserie menu selections, one can sense the nostalgia and coziness of the French family flair.

Flanked in a bucket chair crinkled with cognac leather, my smoked salmon scrambled eggs were placed before me within minutes after my order. Fresh coffee was served even before I had the opportunity to ask for it as I was occupied soaking up the posh view of Yorkville through the giant floor-to-ceiling windows.

After “several” rounds of coffee refills, I was fuelled up to continue my work. By noon I found myself back at the diner for lunch, accompanied by the Director of Public Relations, Halla who recommended their signature rotisserie chicken, served with watercress and sherry vinaigrette. Our delightful entrees were also followed by butternut squash risotto with almonds and sage aged parmesan. The balance of moist and mixed texture have made my taste buds dancing throughout the meal.


But the high note belonged to the dessert. They have really saved the best for last with the arrival of a steamed crème anglaise meringue. I would never have guessed it was a meringue with its perfect chocolate-domed exterior disguise. The magic happened as the waitress began to pour hot mousse over the chocolate exterior, revealing the three bite-size treasures dressed in melting chocolate. Words and photos can not do justice!

It was certainly one of the more memorable business lunches I had in recent years, made possible by Halla’s invitation. I furthermore enjoyed very much our conversation, when I discovered her vast knowledge of the uncompromising spirit behind the Four Seasons brand from which many seek; but only a stellar few can achieve.

Cafe Boulud
60 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, ON M4W 0A4



  • Lady Charlotte Lynham

    Lady Charlotte was born into a world of luxury; brought up in the treasure troves of the National Gallery she later went on to work for some of the most prestigious luxury houses in the world including LVMH and Christies. A self-confessed Francophile, her signature tipple being champagne, she is rarely seen without a glass (or bottle). As an international Lady of mystery she jets from continent to continent sipping cocktails and, BRICS in tow, refuses to travel anything but 1st Class. Lady Charlotte is also an avid skier, horse rider and adventure seeker.

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