Can Domingo

by Adam Attew

We were at the end of our trip around Ibiza and due to leave the island very late that night sadly, but just as we were thinking that we had experienced some of the best cuisine that Ibiza has to offer we discovered Can Domingo!

Our Chauffeur took us off the main road down a bumpy old farm track to a one story, pretty little cottage. We were welcomed in by the very charming Andrea who showed us through to the garden where we would be dining for the evening. Can Domingo is in a very picturesque setting amongst the hills with views of the valley spreading out below. The cottage itself with its rustic olive coloured windows, old wooden beams, gorgeous lamps and general attention to detail makes one feel as if one had been invited over for dinner at someone’s idyllic country home. The moment ‘Cheeky’ and I stepped into the place we could feel our cortisol levels drop as we totally succumbed to this little sanctuary in Ibiza.Andrea took us through the garden, along the terrace and sat us at our table under the canopy of mature olive and fruit trees. The sun was still up but one could already tell that this place would transform as the sun dipped behind the hills and the various lights amongst the trees and scattered lamps sprung to life.

Can Domingo came about through the passion of three Italian friends Andrea, Alessandro and Giuseppe. Between the three of them they have all the skills necessary to run a restaurant with Andrea looking after front of house, Alessandro looking after the business as well as wine and Giuseppe looking after the food. They absolutely love their food and there seems to be no bounds to where they will go to source their ingredients and wine, often taking trips around europe to personally select and bring back the best they can find. However, they do also support local producers of the island and even ‘grow their own’ in the Can Domingo organic gardens. The Menu is all homemade having the feel of the contemporary mixed with traditional Italian cuisine.We began the evening with a glass of bubbles from Lombardia a Metodo Classico called Drezza, I then started my meal with Lobster slow cooked for 12 hours at a very low temperature, perfectly accompanied by skinned orange segments which were subtle and smooth whilst ‘Cheeky’ opted for the Tuna Carpaccio with its fresh, clean, delicate flavours. The Tuna was arranged with a beautiful combination of vegetables and flowers of the garden, but in a way that the Tuna was still the star of the dish.

Next up was Guanciale an Italian cured meat, Lemon Zest and Pecorino Romano DOP Cheese all served with Gluten Free Spaghetti. What a delight, to be able to eat such a traditional Italian dish, such a lovely touch of the chef to prepare Gluten Free pasta for us. It was about this time of the evening that the local jazz band set up and start playing their set. They seemed to be a mix of different ages from different parts of the world, and ‘Dinner Jazz’ certainly to help my digestion.Now it was time for the main course of the meal and I had chosen the suckling pig from segovia, potato puree, sauteed radicchio and glazed shallot. The pig had been cooked for 12 hours in a vacuum bag at 60-70°C followed by 20 minutes frying skin down in the pan. It is this love and attention for the food that made for the most tender meat and gorgeous thin crust. ‘Cheeky’ chose the Beef Tagliata or Fillet with Jamaican Pepper and seasonal Vegetables. The meat is hung by themselves for 20-30 days depending on the shape, quality and cut, it had then been cooked rare and was exceptionally yummy according to Cheeky. After the main course we went straight to the cheese platter which consisted of Toma Piemontese, Montebore, Brà nel fieno, Castelmagno d’alpeggio and Lou Blau. They had all been hand selected by the team and one could tell, they were all irresistable. Andrea recommended an Italian wins during the meal, surprisingly from the Sudtirol region, a 2012 Lagrein called Turmhof from Teifenbrunner. All I can say is they they clearly know how to recommend wines.

I am not sure one could find a place more quaint, charming and rustic in Ibiza as Can Domingo. As the night set in, the place filled up with families of all generations and had a very homely Italian atmosphere even the majority of the staff are italian. The food with its presentation, flavours and juxtaposition is of Michelin standard and the venue with its tranquil relaxed atmosphere is like coming home. I have to say that between the three of these guys, Andrea, Alessandro and Giuseppe they have succeeded in creating something magical up on the hill in ibiza.

Open from 19:30 till late (closed on Tuesdays).

Can Domingo
Carretera Ibiza-San Josè, Km 9,8,
07830 Sant Josep de sa Talaia,
Ibiza, Spain


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