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I arrive at Candlelight Inn. The vision before me looks like a postcard…

I am greeted by the owner, Sam, and with his cool and collected demeanor he welcomes me and explains interesting tidbits about Napa. I’m fascinated to learn that he’s taught many innkeepers around Napa the skills and ways to make a living in their trade, including The Inn on First where I just stayed. His teaching expertise is evident, as they are consummate hosts!

He takes us into a private area in the back and I catch my first glimpse of my own private oasis, separate from the rest of the hotel, called Creekside Cottage. I discover it is named this because outside the back door is a perfect private balcony overlooking the woods and the namesake creek. As a welcome, waiting on the dining table, Sam has thoughtfully prepared a delicious looking tray of charcuterie, along with a giant flute filled with ice, chilled Mumm’s sparkling wine and a personalized welcome note!

I drop my bags, as I have to hurry off for my wine adventure with Destiny Wine Tour. I am excited knowing that I’m returning to a glorious peaceful suite of solitude, caressed by the wind gently whispering through the trees, with chilled bubbly and perfect hors d’oeuvres next to a warm fire and a hot Jacuzzi!

When I return, the snacks are a tasty as they looked earlier. Sam sure knows how to provide for his guests’ every need. With my flute firmly in hand, I explore the Creekside Cottage.

I discover several journals, dating back years, of visitors just like me sharing the experiences and good times that they were enjoying in the very cottage that I was now relaxing in. Candlelight Inn is creating new memories that we will reminisce on fondly for a long time to come!

After a flute refill, I sit outside and enjoy the evening, as the trees rustle and I hear the water gargling below in the creek. It is just spectacular! After winding down to nature’s sounds, I have the most incredibly comfortable sleep in the immense bed and the next morning I rise to the gentle sun warming the room. I can’t wait to explore the rest of this fascinating place! But the first necessity is coffee. I make my way around the manicured backyard, where an azure pool looks tempting for a dip. Garden flowers abound and there is a beautiful park-like setting with benches and lovely decorations. Everywhere is an enchanting, photo-worthy moment. As usual, I am documenting all that I observe and tweeting along the way.

Inside Candlelight Inn, the first thing I see is an immaculate dining room, set fully with a dozen tables dotting the room, gleaming silverware, mugs and glasses waiting to be filled with coffee and orange juice, and ready to serve breakfast.
I meet Scott, Candlelight Inn’s concierge, who tells me that he will be serving breakfast personally in my suite! I am astonished and excited at this level of personal service!  I race back to my suite and, mere moments later, there is a gentle knock at the door. Scott courteously waits for me to answer and enters, laden with large and promising tray. He brings with him the critical elements to any amazing breakfast beginning, fresh squeezed orange juice and hot coffee. Scott lays out the first course, a starter of orange and grapefruit segments with fresh blueberries. I dive in, pausing only to gulp more juice and steaming brew. It looks fabulous and tastes even better.


Scott’s timing is impeccable. Another humble and professional knock at the door. He is so gracious and knows when exactly to arrive with next delicious plateful. He presents a sumptuous and incredible smelling frittata of artichokes, house roasted tomatillo with crème fraiche alongside slices of chicken apple sausage, sliced berries, and a confetti of colored peppers. My taste buds are dancing with pleasure. Another knock and the final course is a delectable apple turnover, soft and warm from the oven and not overly sweet, just sweet enough.

After breakfast, I decide to take a tour of Candlelight Inn to explore the rest of this incredible place. Scott, ever the bespoke concierge, volunteers to take me on a personal tour of the entire inn, in which each room is more interesting than the last.  Every single room has its own class and elegance in both look and feel – the result of amazing attention to detail – and the gorgeous garden scenery is visible from every window.

And then, look! I cannot believe my eyes when I see this nametag on the door… clearly, Candlelight Inn was meant for me to discover & share with you, Bespoke Readers! *CLINK!*


There’s a ton of history since 1929 within these walls and new rooms built and added to the old. Scott shows us a door entry in the middle of the hall! Candlelight Inn has been around for many years but they take great care to update, while keeping the old world historical charm. All the modern amenities are available, including large flat screen televisions, fireplaces and jacuzzi’s big enough to fit several! Each room offers an interesting layout, with a style, vibe and interior that makes each one unique.

From Sam (CandlelightNapa): The Candlelight Inn has ten unique rooms, so there is a room for everybody. There is no added cost for all the extra amenities and services you get here; like concierge services, free parking, not to mention a stocked refrigerator. We have a trained staff with years of experience that will serve your every need.

Candlelight Inn
1045 Easum Drive
Napa, California 94558
United States of America

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