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Ibiza is known as the magical island with angelic coves and beaches to watch sunsets and sunrises. It is the island which one dreams Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle once lived: a Neverland for adults offering childlike promises of hedonism and wild nature meshed into one wonderful haze of dreams.

For all its relentless parties and never-ending revelries in unimaginably grand villas cascading with waterfalls, infinity pools and Wonderland gardens; Ibiza also has a quieter side. The secret abyss where once heavy ravers go to escape the hustle of the city life and rejuvenate. Families move to Ibiza now for the relaxed lifestyle, the fresh outdoor living and schools which encourage creativity and musical pursuits. Parents now raise their own little lost boys and girls in an oasis of beauty and calm; engaging their emotional intelligence with a focus on the performing arts. The young and old come to Ibiza to become yogis, spiritual teachers, and property managers.

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I discovered a private hideaway tucked away in the hills spread over four hectares and covered with olive groves and organic vegetable gardens. Founded by eco-conscious owners Margaret von Korff and Luis Trigueros, Cas Gasi was once solely their family home and is now run as a rare agro tourism hotel in the secluded hills of Ibiza surrounded by orange groves, cypresses and roses.

With love for Mother Nature, Margaret and Luis created a splendid organic olive grove in their land so that their local farmer and neighbour Pepe can produce fresh pressed olive oil for use in the hotel’s restaurant and within spa products. All vegetables grown on their land are also organic and pesticide-free so that the food is clean and wholesome for vegetarians and vegans alike. Even the gorgeous 18-metre swimming pool overlooking the hillside is pesticide-free and treated only with salt to give your skin a kinder natural glow.

Guests are given the option of treating their bodies to an early morning yoga session (which you can request to take privately), a beauty pamper day in their luxurious spa or they can take out the owners’ 15-metre sailing yacht for a trip to Formentera.

Inside this discrete property, the Moorish architecture, antique furniture and blue and white hand painted bathroom tiles creates the feeling one is in a beautiful old Moroccan riad. Fresh giant grapes, plums and flowers decorated my bedroom and my windows overlooked the south coast of the Mediterranean hills.

On my first day, I was kindly greeted by the incredible kind staff who made me feel instantly at home. And this is what this beautiful place is, a home away from home surrounded by ponds full of tiny frogs and fishes with the sound of the wind rustling through the trees.

Lunch was healthy and delicious. I requested a mix of fresh papaya, avocado, tomatoes with lime and vinaigrette and a side of freshly-made humus and pita bread. The organic vegetables and fruit were wonderful and the olive oil divine. Plump figs and ripe almonds are also served in their wonderful selection of fresh salads for lunch and dinner and free range hen eggs, an assortment of local cheeses and freshly baked pastries are served with hot delicious coffee for breakfast. Service was impeccable and there was even a nutritionist at the restaurant who gave me generous advice for keeping my skin naturally moisturised.

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I booked a deep tissue massage by their resident massage therapist which was on the hill in a billowing tent under the trees. The masseuse was experienced and perfect at pin pointing knots and kneading them on my back whilst maintaining a relaxing feeling through my whole body.

The spa offers La Biosthetique facial treatments for both men and women from detox and hydrating facials to intensive cleansing treatments to rid the body of its toxins. In addition to the luxurious facials and outdoor massages, one can request manicures, pedicures, and hairdressers to your room.

Cas Gasi prides itself on discretion and, albeit a few high society and A-list guests have stayed here, no one would ever know. Their regular guests are treated like private club members and invited to dine at their amazing restaurant when they are in town.

If you are looking for a luxury boutique hotel full of charm, Cas Gasi is an exquisite gem on the magical island of Ibiza and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Hotel Cas Gasi
Camino Viejo de Sat Mateu, s/n 07814
Santa Gertrudis

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