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Day trip to the serene Champneys Tring

by Yemi Edwards
Champneys Tring

Champneys luxury spa resorts can be found in four locations in the UK. Each venue is situated in beautiful gardens complementing the calm and tranquil atmosphere, perfect for an escape from the rat race. The Champneys Tring location is a stunning estate in Hertfordshire, with London being only 45 mins away by train.

The spa resort offers a vast amount of ways to relax, de-stress, be well, stay well and be pampered on-site. Guests can stay for a day or overnight and indulge in the amazing facilities within the building. There is the use of various pools, Jacuzzis, tennis courts, and a relaxation hideaway to name but a few. Guests can also find a hair salon and a boutique. For those whose aim is to keep fit, there are 20 fitness classes per day available.

Tring Exterior 2My visit to Champneys Tring was for the day and specifically to explore what was to offer at The New Marine and Wellness Spa. I was “in for an amazing experience” as I was told, with the new innovative treatments, known as “Pathways”.

I had a choice of Wellbeing & Rejuvenation, De-stress & Revive, Slim & Tone, and Detox & Cleanse. It was very difficult for me to choose which one as they all had elements I felt I needed for the lifestyle I currently lead. I narrowed my choices down to De-stress & Revive and Detox & Cleanse. After going over what I felt I would benefit from the most I selected for “The De-stress and Revive: Relax and ease tensions, energise and uplift,”  because that was exactly what I needed to do before facing my drive back home to Scotland.

I was given a form listing medical issues if any, I note that I jotted down that I take thyroxine. I handed my completed form back to the lovely Esme who observed the fact that I had listed my medication and advised me that one of the treatments (the seaweed wrap) was going to be replaced by a mud wrap.  The treatments were in partnership with the renowned French Marine Spa Beauty company, Thalgo, who are passionate about the notion that treating the body with marine actives and treatments, provides a benefit of powerful healing. So, although I was really looking forward to the wrap, safety comes first.


I was told that the seaweed treatment can irritate the levels of my thyroid hormones, so I needed to exchange this specific treatment with mud. I was very pleased that Esme had this knowledge as the results could have been disastrous and I would not have understood in the future what was causing my problem.

I was asked to change into my grey Champneys Tring bathrobe and then my belongings were taken and stored for me securely. After, I was lead to a luxurious milk bath for my feet, I could feel the start to a long awaited calming session and was ready to enjoy this “getaway”. The milk bath soak properties were to soften the skin and leave your feet relaxed. I was given a shot of energising sea plasma (L’Oceane), this promotes rebalancing, incredibly salty but washed down with water. N.B As we go through this process it is highly important to rehydrate yourself with plenty of water!

I was then lead to a room with a body sized capsule. The room was dimmed and calming, I nervously wondered what I was in for next. After a quick change, I was placed inside the Neo Qvi Steam/Shower, I was asked to lay down on my back, my head just edging out with my neck covered by the machine. She explained to me that this device, the infrared cabin, would heat up and promote perspiration to release the toxins in my body. The heat would be 50 degrees. The green lights and the mood music then flashed away for about 15 mins, Esme then returned to activate the shower feature. I decided while under this warm waterfall of soothing droplets of moisture that I MUST find out how to install one of these in my home. This procedure took another 15 mins, Esme returned to take me to the room where the body scrub and mud would be applied.

The body scrub, Sweet and Savoury, consisted of a mixture of brown sugar and citrus Mediterranean oils. Esme covered my body with this and the mud and I laid down in a calming setting, in cling film, in a dimmed room with soothing relaxing music. A long while later the wrap was washed away and Lynda, applied the Marine cold cream moisture balm, the cooling feeling of this left a tingly fresh feeling on my skin.

Detox centreBy this time, I felt the treatment had succeeded in providing me with the much needed de-stress and I was feeling very relaxed. Lynda walked me through to the salt and oxygen room, a room with salt and oxygen flowing through the room via jets of mist. The benefits of this room are that it revives and re-energises you, giving me a perfect balance to what I had already experienced. I now was extremely relaxed, but also now quite alert and clear headed. I was given a serenity marine tea made up of silver lime and bitter orange, this infused organic tea can help boost the immune system and reduce mental stress and anxiety.

After a wonderful 2 hours and 30 min of a blissful “journey” I wandered back onto the grounds just in time for a delicious 3-course lunch in the dining room. As I mentioned earlier, it is very important to rehydrate after this process, so bottles of water were made available. My meal of wonderful salads and succulent chicken dishes added to the process of replenishing my body from the treatment and provided me with a healthy balanced source of energy. For dessert lots of fruit and an interesting chocolate pudding made of chia seeds.

I took a small stroll after lunch to see what else was to offer at Champneys Tring. So much to do and see and explore mentally and physically, ideally achieved overnight or for a few days. But for those like me who find it difficult to “stop” a day visit is just enough to achieve well-being balance and rejuvenation to your body.

A day spa visit to this beautiful resort starts at just over £100. This gives you a 9am arrival time and 6pm departure, snacks, robe hire and flip flops. Included in this package is a 3-course buffet lunch and full access to fitness classes and other spa experiences. Bookable additional treatments like the ones mentioned above in Champneys Tring New Marine and Wellness spa start at £129.

During your time at Champneys Tring there are many very helpful team members around to answer questions, to show you the way and make your well-being experience an enjoyable and unforgettable one. I look forward to experiencing an overnight stay at this or another one of Champneys luxurious resorts son, lets see where my travels land me next.

Champneys Tring
Chesham Road
HP23 6HX
United Kingdom

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