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Clean beauty is a thing – which is crazy if you think about it, shouldn’t all beauty and skincare products or in fact all that we put in and on our bodies be clean? I am hopeful we are going that way and towards a more general awareness by us consumers. I have road tested four beautiful brands, two new and two that has been around for a couple of decades to give you some recommendations as to how to clean up your beauty routine.

I have truly loved discovering Austrian Ringana they have literally thought of every single detail possible when it comes to their whole production both in terms of the active ingredients in their products but also our planet. I was amazed when reading about their factory, you can read about it here, it’s almost a bit sci-fi, but it isn’t and it shouldn’t be, this is how all factories should run and to aim for in their operation. Even the logistics of their lorries to what type of lorries they use is thought of with our environment in mind. Or as Andreas Wilfinger their founder puts it “We have always been committed to sustainability, because there is no alternative.” Ringana was founded 1993 and has since developed into something quite unique but more brands are following in their mindful steps. I tried their Hydro Serum, Overnight Face Treatment, Glow, Overnight Body Treatment and their Tooth Balm. All produced with no bulk ingredients only the highest amount possible of active ingredients. In addition to this not only are their production streamlined, efficient and sustainable, so are their products, I have loved using all of them and will continue exploring this brand. And one can really feel the efficiency of the ingredients, the products doesn’t stay on the surface but sink in and I haven’t had any reactions of any sort to my sensitive skin. And all their products come in glass bottles that you save, and when you have 10 you send the empty bottles back and they give you a new product of your choice for free. Win win!

Ringana Skincare

Pure Lakes was founded in 2006 in the Lake District with one of the Founder’s Sandra’s sensitive skin in mind and a strong ethic when it comes to sustainability. Sandra and Iain created a strong skincare brand only using clean, biodegradable and raw ingredients and continued to deliver beautiful products with their strong ethos. In 2016 Pure Lake was sold to Claire and Gareth McKeever who is still working closely with Sandra and Iain to sustain their high quality. For instance, when plastic is needed they always use biopolymer which is much more expensive but they never let the price determine, the environmental impact always comes first. Their products are divine to use, and feel “clean” and fresh and they smell gorgeous with no nasty ingredients in sight, their attention to detail is immaculate. They too have a refill service, and you can also visit their workshop if you ever find yourself in the beautiful Lake District. Their Shea Body Butter with clary sage, beeswax and thistle oils works wonders on my dry heels and elbows. I have used rosehip oil for years for my face massage but I have to say Pure Lakes’ Rosehip oil with rose, jojoba and frankincense does an even better job, both with the scent but with the properties of these active ingredients my skin now shows a more hydrated level than before, Whilst trying their products I applied that one in the morning and in the evening I applied their rosehip, camelia and kiwi seed oil for high levels of vitamin A and plenty fatty acids. My skin is thanking me!

Another lovely brand is No Secrets, clean, vegan and made in UK so no extra air miles here either. Several of their products have in the past couple of years been shortlisted for The Beauty Shortlist Awards and Natural Health Beauty Awards, like their Bath Jelly, you apply it to your body before entering the bath and the fragrance and the syrupy texture is really relaxing, you massage your tired muscles with the jelly and the heat from your body release the beautiful and relaxing spa like scent, and the jelly turns into more like an oil I had number four – a concoction of geranium, ylang ylang, neroli, lavender and patchouli do I have to tell you . . . it’s divine.

Last but not least – Dermaquest, Age Defense Quest – Peptide Glyco Cleanser, Essential B5 Hydrating, Serum, Nourishing Peptide Rich, Sun Armor SPF 50 three of these are from their Peptide Vitality range. Peptides are short strings of amino acids, typically comprising 2-50 amino acids, amino acids are also the building blocks of proteins, but proteins contain longer strains, it is believed for that reason that peptides are more easy for the body to absorb because they are smaller and more broken down than proteins. One can also take peptides orally like collagen or keratin peptides for a variety of potential health benefits for the body, as the strings are smaller they can more easily penetrate the skin and intestines which helps them to enter the bloodstream. Wonderful active ingredients and a great feeling to the skin.


  • Ann Marie Sjunnesson

    With passions from culture and couture and galleries to gastronomy, Ann Marie is always on the move but with her feet firmly grounded in her Nordic roots. A background in interior design and health and wellbeing Ann Marie has an eye for detail and a desire to find the best in everything.

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