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Collagen Supplements

by Lorna Oakley

It’s been a strange few months as we step into the ‘new normal’, change of exercise routine, beauty routine, in fact… what routine?! Whilst some of us, well I’m talking from personal experience here; started with good intentions at the beginning of lockdown, with a skincare routine of some description it all became a bit hit and miss. Combine that with a change in sleeping patterns, my skin’s collagen was definitely suffering a little bit.

I’ve always been a fan of trying something different, however in my mind it’s also important to be medically or scientifically proven. Enter Proto-col, this has 8000mg Complete Collagen, a daily citrus flavoured gel to support vibrant skin and an active body (I’m getting old here guys, 41 years of acting like a child is catching up). They’ve paired it with vitamin B6, C & E, biotin, zinc and copper, for your lines and wrinkles, to improve the smoothness and firmness of the skin through the increase in elastin.

Protocol tackles the two key elements that contribute to skin ageing. The first is intrinsic ageing, a naturally occurring process. During the ageing process and collagen depletion, skin loses its firmness, resulting in wrinkles and a loss of elasticity. This depletion starts in the mid-twenties.

The second is extrinsic ageing, a result of lifestyle and environmental factors that affect the skin and cause signs and symptoms of premature ageing. This includes exposure to UV rays, pollution, smoking, stress, hormones, high volumes of exercise and nutrition; Proto-col Complete Collagen helps to slow this down and has been assisting athletes as well as mere mortals like myself.

Athletes? Yup, as well as smoothing your skin and adding a boost to your hair and nails, Protocol and LQ Collagen have been supporting sportsmen and women via their LQ Collagen Joint Care Powder (this contains 5000mg of marine collagen and other key ingredients such as glucosamine, ginger copper and vitamin C which helps to support your bones and cartilage). Mainly though, it speeds up repair and supports your joints.

Does it work though? As you may have gathered, I love an easy life when it comes to skincare.

However, last month I started to use Proto Col. OK, truth is it’s not instant; for me it was a good three weeks before a visible change (but hey nobody saw me anyway!) This is a great supplement that actually works, smoother skin, fine lines disappear and my nails definitely are stronger (especially as they are super flaky in the winter).

So why am I a fan?

My job varies, as much as it is my intention to blog full time, my role as a digital consultant has taken me all over Europe in the past year. So, from sitting on the side of a rugby pitch, to visiting Italy and Ibiza, coupled with a full face of makeup on photo shoots my skin is in an ever changing environment . . . Well, that’s what I hope for soon.

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