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COMO Shambhala Urban Escape


It was hands down the best deep tissue massage I have had since my at-home masseur, “Chinese Steve”.

I entered the Met Hotel. To be honest, the last time I came here was to see the Dior jewellery collection in the penthouse suite almost five years ago. It had been a hectic week. Planning four major events at the same time to be collated and finalised in two weeks was getting a bit much.

1. Halloween with a catwalk show by my fabulous new friend: designer Karen El-Khazen
2. The UN Society of Young Philanthropists Launch Event for “GiveBack” Charity Night with one of the brightest young things I have been lucky enough to meet – Lexi Abrams
3. My 30th Birthday Bash which involves a 70-person sit down candlelit Romeo and Juliet style dinner (black tie but with hamburgers, fries, and chocolate milkshakes, bien sûr) at the golden marbled Cafe at The Cafe Royal Hotel
4. Most importantly, the excitement of celebrating my father’s birthday on my visit back home to California

Back at The Met Spa. COMO Shambhala Urban Escape at Metropolitan by COMO’s central London luxury spa takes a highly personalised approach to fitness and wellbeing for both guests and non-residents.They focus on the best possible therapies for body and face while the sleek, minimalist interior ensures a clean-lined, peaceful sanctuary for those looking to escape the pressures of city life.There are six treatment rooms, two of which are doubles.
My back must have been wrapped up like a million rubber bands trying to squeeze into a shot glass. I told my masseuse kindly that I usually prefer men (so-to-speak) as women aren’t usually strong enough for my tightly-wound muscles. But this was different. My masseuse led me into a quiet dimmed room with candles and relaxation music you would expect to hear in a Cambodian yoga retreat. I was getting my Zen on, asking the woman to kindly press harder, when the bed was literally broken. Was I shocked? Not really, more pleasantly surprised.

mm847_CSUE Como Shambhala Urban Escape at the Metroplolitan Hotel London

She literally dug her fingers so hard into my neck and spine that the bed kept lowering however, for me and what I like, this was the best massage I have received since I found “Chinese Steve” on that bright crisp day at the Chinese Herbal Medicine Centre in Soho, near Covent Garden. After the pummelling, I was recommended (I believe this may be the 52nd time now as my best friend recommends this regularly) to do some yoga as this tension was not normal. My masseuse kindly offered me hot fresh ginger tea then led me to a private treatment room with a small steam room where I could sit and relax. She wasn’t only talented at treatments but she was one of the friendliest spa therapists I have experienced in the last year in London.

Would I recommend the Met Spa? 100% percent yes! Not just for the amazing massage treatments and the post-treatment private steam room but for the customer service which is just lovely.

Como Shambhala Urban Escape
Metropolitan by COMO
Old Park Lane
London, W1K 1LB
United Kingdom

mm847_CSUE Como Shambhala Urban Escape at the Metroplolitan Hotel London

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