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A designer secret goes public…. Tucked away in a small West London street, furniture makers Costello & Welch are one of the decorating industry’s best kept secrets. This is where architects and interior designers go to commission beautiful bespoke cabinetry for their clients. Now, private clients can commission Costello & Welch direct.

From a single bespoke table or chest to a complete dressing room or kitchen, each piece is designed, hand built and hand finished to order in their own workshops. Sam Costello and Greg Welch founded their company in London in 2007, combining Greg’s visionary furniture design and cabinetmaking skills with Sam’s illustrious background in fine art and specialist furniture finishes. Together they make a formidable team in which impeccable craftsmanship meets a genuinely innovative design response. As furniture professionals, Costello & Welch can inhabit a wide range of styles; recreating iconic 20th Century works or taking inspiration from modernist design movements. But as befits rising-star young designers, their own style is firmly at the cutting edge of contemporary; building dynamic forms, exploiting new materials and conjuring extraordinary finishes.

Whilst the majority of their work will always be one-offs, they are also developing their own capsule collections. Here, their signature style finds expression in pure, linear forms, confirming that the best design often lies in perfect simplicity. Register the workmanship, the witty turn of a leg or an intriguing new finish and appreciate the intellect and skill embodied in these works. Increasingly too, Costello & Welch are becoming known for developing new finishes; from oils, polishes, gesso and lacquers to textured and metallised surfaces. Sam Costello, with his background in fine art, constantly pushes the boundaries of painterly techniques and experiments with technologically advanced materials including resins and high performance textiles. His innovative finishes are the natural partner to Greg Welch’s painstakingly beautiful constructions.

Costello & Welch
142 Stamford Brook Arches
London W6 0TQ
United Kingdom


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