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by Yemi Edwards

Have you ever thought of pampering your house, by making it feel relaxed, calming and comfortable? Well Crabtree and Evelyn make this possible with their exquisite lifestyle range that fill your home with their luxurious fragrance accessories collection.

Crabtree and Evelyn, the luxury skincare brand, launched a new brand identity back in 2019. The company established by wanderlust and nature enthusiast, Cyrus Harvey, is known for its values which make them stand out. These values include, experimenting with discoveries around the world; being driven and enthusiastic; respecting the uniqueness of every person and being real and raw.

Bringing through these values to their lifestyle collection, I will be reviewing a few of their products from their lifestyle range, including their Raw Instinct and The Gardeners. There is also a little extra treat from their beauty range at the end!

I am a lover of candles, especially scented candles. So I was delighted to try out this first product from Crabtree and Evelyn. Set up the mood by lighting the RAW INSTINCT CANDLE. This candle boasts citrus and earthy scents which help clear the mind and this flickering candle is made of soy wax. This type of wax is a great wax as it made from soybean and has a lower melting temperature, this also means less soot, so it won’t leave that black stain. To add to the beauty of the candle it is encased in a truly stunning dark green glass jar with a gorgeous copper lid for a lovely look for when it is not lit. The citrus flavours consists of Pomelo and Kumquat. The earthy florals add an uplifting and aromatic mood to the room. The candle can be lit for up to 3 hours, enough time to spoil your senses.

The RAW INSTINCT ROCK DIFFUSER SET is quoted to be “true to Crabtree & Evelyn’s wanderlust nature”. Lava rocks sit within the signature dark green glass box. The lava rocks hold their own woody and floral spices but when combined with a few drops of the RAW INSTINCT CONCENTRATED OIL the scent becomes a more dynamic scent-sual exploration of the wild outdoors.  The set also contains Pomelo and Kumquat, but you can also add Eucalyptus, Apple Blossom and Jasmine. The three tones add the sweet feature to the scent. Lastly the Vetiver Smoke, Papyrus and Guaiac Woods give the smoky and deep spicy notes to this beautiful glass home accessories. It too can be stored beautifully on a mantlepiece with the brush copper cover.

The relaxed mood in the evening can be amplified by STARS IN THE NIGHT ROOM MIST. When added to your nighttime routine, this big bold scent in a small bottle changes the atmosphere of a room to one of peace and harmony. This scent is made up of wonderful oils like Sandalwood, which has a calming effect, Cedarwood and Bergamot, which lifts the mood. It also contains vanilla for sweetness and olibanum which adds a soothing benefit. To bring yourself into that slumber zone just spray in your bedroom and pillow.

Now for that little treat I mentioned earlier. This treat is for you and your skin. Crabtree and Evelyn’s SOOTHE + RENEW MULTI-PURPOSE SALVE gives nourishment to dry skin. The rich balm hydrates and protects. The best places on your body to use this are the elbows, feet and the cuticles. I love shea butter, and this product not only has that but has Cocoa butter, Shorea butter, and Cupuacu seed butter. The butters combined with the Coconut Oil and Apple Extract this leaves skin feeling smooth and is antioxidant-rich and soothe itchy dry skin, perfect for a pre bedtime treat to keep you hydrated as you sleep.

For more information on these products see the Crabtree & Evelyn website.


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