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“Crafting a Difference” at SoShiro


“Crafting a Difference” at SoShiro is an exhibition of innovative craftsmanship housed in a Georgian Marylebone townhouse.

It was a wonderful feeling to be immersed in a beautiful gallery space again, and more so it was like a mini art fair in someone’s beautiful home. Fairs – that I have truly missed this year – to meet artists, discover new pieces and the energy in general. SoShiro’s space in Marylebone is just that, though on a slightly smaller scale, with Kennedy’s brilliant guidance and SoShiro’s initial talk it felt like we all virtually were transported into this enthralling 5-stories Georgian town house in the heart of Marylebone this morning. The passion they both have for the project is easy to detect and so is the careful hand with which each piece have been selected to create a soft and unique space where textures, art forms and muted colours all play an important role, the art pieces are from across the world, Kenya, USA, Japan, Argentina, Scandinavia and more and they all get their space to shine in their true light here.

SoShiro’s aim is to discover different kind of aesthetics in furniture, tableware, decorative objects and more – celebrating human artistry from all over the world and bringing it to our contemporary lifestyles.

Third Floor Front roomCaD_2021_01_0168_HighRes
First Floor Back gallery looking to Froint gallery _CaD_2021_01_0277_HighRes

It feels like the pieces have found a new home here, though temporary, before going out to happy new owners, every little corner of these five floors have been carefully curated, nothing is by accident here. Some of my favourites to watch are Leah Jensen (UK), Ikuko Iwamoto (UK) Nina Casson McGarva (France) and Kazuhito Takadoi (Japan). Shiro Muchiri launched her design career in Nairobi before practising interior architecture in Milan and London. While working on her own furniture and accessories collections she opened SoShiro in Marylebone. For Crafting a Difference they have collaborated with five galleries, 75 artists and over 200 pieces being featured in total in this unique space.

Brian Kennedy is the brilliant curator behind the exhibition and he led us through this mesmerising tour. The biggest challenge curating the space was doing so during a pandemic Kennedy says, the five galleries couldn’t deliver the pieces all at once and it was instead a ten day process, – it was a little bit like playing a 3D chess in my head Kennedy continues. It may have been like a chess board in his head as it is with precision and elegance this space has been curated to showcase these spectacular pieces.

Kennedy finish with what he hopes this time of reflection many of us have endured during the past year will mean that we will purchase items more purposefully going forward and appreciate the feeling one get to surround oneself with beautiful pieces in one’s home is invaluable to one’s wellbeing.

The Michelangelo foundation in Florence is supporting the exhibition and it’s open virtually to the public until 2nd April 2021 with the hope of making it for real visits when the lockdown eases. I suggest you do both – I left inspired and curious to learn more about all the talented artists.

To view the the exhibition head to their website, soshiro.co where you can also purchase the items. The five contributing galleries are MADEINBRITALY, Jaggedart, Caveliero Finn, Ting Ying Gallery and Vessel gallery. ‘In-person’ exhibit appointments at SoShiro will be available once government guidelines allow.


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