by Lis-Marie Liden

Fragrance is such a personal journey, it is something that defines you just as powerfully as your personal style; they definitely go hand in hand. I also think you very much mature into your chosen scent and personally I started out very light and citrusy in my younger years only to now find myself as I got older in a darker more wooden area of the spectrum.

Not long ago I was introduced to Creed, this was a new name for me, and just knowing I would have the pleasure to learn more about fragrances and their journey made me very excited. I found myself on Mount Street in the heart of Mayfair, this street is absolutely beautiful and iconic, and here you will find the Creed Boutique. It is a humble space with an amazing seating area in the basement and this is where I learned the amazing history behind Creed and their fragrances.

The history behind Creed is so grand and interesting and it all started back in 1760 with a pair of scented leather gloves sent to the monarch by James Henry Creed. Creed is a family owned business and has been passed down from father to son for eight generations, which makes it even more special does it not? Current master-perfumer is Olivier Creed, and on his team as Company Designer he has his daughter Olivia and his son Erwin, who help Olivier source raw materials for all the amazing scents they create. To this day Creed has produced over 200 perfumes through the generations.The bottles look luxurious and all seem to perfectly mirror the scent and the thought behind them. For instance Erolfa, which is inspired by family memories sailing their yacht on the Mediterranean, the bottle has a rich blue label just like the sea. I was completely amazed by how I could literally pinpoint where the notes changed, and identify what they were. I could feel the coolness of the sea after having walked on the deck of the yacht.

So here I was being introduced to this heritage of scents and I am asked which one is my favourite. This was so hard because I was so lost in the stories behind each one that I found it difficult to allow my sense of smell to choose. But I did finally find my scent and to my own surprise it was not the one I initially thought would pick!

I was drawn to the luxurious Floral Bouquet of Fantasia De Fleurs, top note of Bergamot, heart notes of Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine and Tuberose followed by base notes of Iris, Ambergris and Sandalwood, this fragrance is associated with the beauty of Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary. Fantasia De Fleurs has some strong flowers in its composition but still comes out as a smooth almost dewy scent; a perfect blend of elegance. It is again so hard to explain how this scent transforms. Even the packaging makes the perfume feel almost royal, with a velvet emblem on the front with the name of your perfume, inside you will find your gorgeous bottle but it does not end there, there is a small note with the history of Creed and also a card with pictures of James and Olivier Creed. It really gives that final luxurious touch o the experience and perfume.It is such a great experience to visit the Creed boutique and the perfumes make excellent gifts so I recommend you go there to learn for yourself, to find your scent or treat your loved one. As I write, I put on my Fantasia De Fleurs while getting ready for an event and I just know people will ask what I am wearing this evening . . . and just like Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary I will answer . . . Creed.

Creed Fragrances are avalaible at their boutique on Mont Street or online.

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