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Crystal Clear At-Home Facial

by Katie Bamber

I have only recently discovered the benefits (and joy) of a facial massage. I’m late to the party, I’m sure. Initially I experienced the intensely relaxing effects of a face massage during a lucky, snuck-in facial during a lockdown lift last autumn at the Kensington MediSpa. The purpose of the massage wasn’t simply for soothing enjoyment but for lymphatic drainage, to improve circulation to the lymph system, helping to eliminate toxins and pump in fresh hydration. And then again, I discovered more benefits – this time daily joy with new massaging, sonic-powered tool Crystal Clear The Wand. Now I know what this sounds like, but stick with me here because this could be even better than what you think… 

It’s at-home facial technology that takes 60 seconds and with a two-prong effect. Firstly, Crystal Clear The Wand delivers sonic waves that send messages to nerve endings telling the muscles to contract, which stimulates the facial muscles to lift and firm. Combined with the pharma-grade hyaluronic acid that you insert into The Wand, right behind the metal roller ball, you get an instant burst of hydration as the serum penetrates deep, acting like a magnet to the skin. It’s a powerful hydration, massaging, tightening technique that is easier and more effective than any other method I’ve tried. What’s more, whilst infusing moisture, the appearance of lines are reduced, plumped from the ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid, and you’ll spend the day feeling dewy skinned and fresh faced. All from just one minute or rolling, used daily in the morning.

Like I said, I know I’m playing catch up here, having seen models and celebs on social channels share their skincare routines, which so often feature some kind of face massaging prop. I see figures such as Trinny Woodall promoting the benefits of daily exercises for our face, jaw and neck muscles to encourage tightening and definition (if you don’t know what I mean, I highly recommend you check out the A-E-I-O-U method on my guru’s, Trinny’s Instagram, for the great tip-cum-entertainment). Until I tried it properly, I had no idea how much difference these small things would make to my growing lockdown (or is it just ageing) double chin and softening jawline. And the results are most visible here after using my new gadget, or magic wand. 

It’s more than just a roller. Add on top of the salon-grade hyaluronic acid for thirsty skin some micro vibrations and you have yourself a muscular workout (without the effort). There are two levels of vibration, one for the delicate area around the eyes, which will help reduce puffiness, and another slightly more intense setting for use on the brows, neck and under the cheek bones. A tip from Crystal Clear founder and The Wand creator, Sharon Hilditch, is to use The Wand firmly as you roll it over the skin, especially under the cheekbone ‘the scaffolding of the face’, where you’ll create a firmer looking jawline. My favourite part is the T-shaped attachment that works like a lid over the rollerball, for once you’ve applied the hyaluronic acid, for the ultimate massaging sensation. 

The results on my face? The best contouring I have managed to achieve, where I can not only feel the satisfying tingles and toning of my stimulated muscles, but I can really see a more sculpted face. (Try the morning after a few glasses of wine for the excellent double effect of soothing and ironing out puffy or bloated looking cheeks and a drooping jawline). And like, with everything… don’t forget the décolleté. What I’m aiming for now is to have two of these skincare tools, like the woman in the step-by-step guide on the Crystal Clear website who shows you how to get started with Crystal Clear The Wand; The massage looks like it would be doubly blissful.

I can’t believe two favourite (and pretty much only) beauty kits I use are both by Crystal Clear. The Ionic Sonic2 ‘super cleanse’ is the other device that brings insane results and in two quick minutes. I can’t remember ever feeling as fresh faced. This microdermabrasion device is essentially a handheld vibrating silicone brush head that works to intensely cleanse and deeply exfoliate. Ultra-sonic speeds of around 9000 revs-per-minute cause the specially designed silicone ‘bristles’ to quiver, unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells, dirt and excess sebum leaving skin feeling polished and impossibly smooth and clean. All without the scratching sensation and sometimes harsh toll that traditional brushes can take on our face. As well as skin texture being silky smooth, products can also be absorbed into this fresh skin much more readily. 

The sonic head comes with small sample size tubes of the soothing cleansing gel, the oxygen face polish and skin repair serum. The cleansing gel is applied straight onto the brush before you select your level of sonic power. Wet and using small, circular motions, work the head around your face slowly. Step 2 uses the Oxygen Face Polish, again on the silicone brush, which looks to remove dead skin cells, diminishing the appearance of pores. The sonic is waterproof (and of course rechargeable) so these steps can be done in the shower. Even the last step is applied using the sonic as, on dry skin. The absorption of the moisturising repair serum is aided by use of the clever brush, pulsing the product deeper into the skin. 

The company Crystal Clear was founded by Sharon Hilditch, MBE in 1995, after which it became recognised in the beauty industry for being a market leader in microdermabrasion. The Ionic Sonic2 in powder blue costs £79.99 and would seem to be where it’s at, then, for home facials, which is exactly how my skin feels – pampered – post buff. As lockdown is lifted in stages and life resumes, both this new, deep exfoliating brush and the massaging wand are something I will be keeping close by me as we get back to normal life. They will stay firmly part of my beauty and skin care routine. I have been using the sonic once weekly and The Wand pretty much every day, or at least every other. Despite the stressful times, the city pollution, my inconsistent diet and age (which of course never lets up) my skin has never felt smoother and healthier.

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