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by Lis-Marie Liden

Cellulite, orange peel skin or whatever name you have for it is a common struggle and for myself something that bothered me more after seeing media hypes over celebrities with a small amount. I have for years tried dry brushing to aid circulation but have never seen any results really.

So I was then introduced to Nadja from Macom, I think I might have come across a little over excited, I am sure I said “I’m so excited ” about five times!

In the smallest box you can imagine they have managed to fit pair of high waisted full-length leggings, the box was maybe 10cm x 10cm, like magic. I had received my very own pair of CRYSTALSMOOTH Signature Anti Cellulite Long leggings. They were very smooth to the touch and very thin, but to my pleasant surprise they passed the squat test and are not see through. We know I have had this issue before regarding leggings and it is so important that they are not sheer if one is to use them on a regular basis.My friend who also has a pair told me to use them religiously as often as possible if not all the time, because this is when the result is going to really show. But let me tell you, even after my very first evening wearing them my skin was smoother to the touch, still a way to go cellulite wise, but my skin felt like silk. I love that they are high waisted, helping me hide some other lumps and bumps and also helping to smooth the skin around my stomach and lower back.

So how is this miracle legging really working you wonder? Well they are made of emana® fibre, a material woven with bioactive crystals that in turn absorbs body heat and sends it back to the skin through Far Infrared Rays. These rays then penetrate the skin and stimulate blood microcirculation, cellular metabolism and lymphatic drainage. This is why I wear them as much as I possibly can, and even to the gym, because heat accelerates the result. Wearing them 60 minutes in the gym will give the same result as it would wearing them 360 minutes at home. However, I have found that the easiest way for me, being a LBD girl, is to actually sleep in them.

Macom started in 2006 as a distributor of medical grade compression garments and have now built an amazing business through post-surgery, posy-birth, slimming and aesthetic beneficial products. They have always had a passion to enhance treatment outcomes, shorten healing times and minimise scarring and also reducing pain, such important aspects of any procedure. The Crystal smooth leggings are fairly new to Macom but have tested and proved to be a great new product and an amazing success in todays field of cellulite treatment.

You can find your own amazing pair online ranging from a shorter length to a lower waist band, I decided to treat myself to a pair of high waisted Anti Cellulite Cycling shorts called “The Cellution” so I can wear them under my dresses and continue this amazing journey and to finally say goodbye to my cellulite and say hello to beach ready smooth skin.

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