by Lady Charlotte Lynham

After being converted several years ago to a spin addict by my NYC sister Cara, I have enjoyed many years in London making spin part of my everyday life. I found that it not only was good for my body but also my mental health and went on to have some of my biggest breakthroughs while on a bike. Fast-forward to leaving my beloved London to move deep in to the rural countryside of Surrey where spin was to be a thing of the past . . . that’s till CYC:D came along.

When I first moved to Surrey there were no real fitness options in the village, so I invested in my own spin bike to use at home. Quite a large investment it solved the physical side of what I needed but not the emotional, as spin is so much more than sweating it out on a bike. I tried to make myself feel more part of a class by spinning to YouTube but alas it was not the same and as such the drive to want to spin started to wane. One day I spotted in the local magazine an advert for CYC:D and I was intrigued, I immediately ran to my Mac and Googled what it was and much to my sheer disbelief my dreams were answered, a spin studio had opened up in my village! Like a child in a sweet shop I contacted them at once to get booked in and this is when I found out that they did not only offer spin but many other activities I had come to love including Pilates and HIIT: result!On my first visit to CYC:D I meet the inspirational women behind it, Faye, who in a former life was a high powered big wig in the City and this was where she fell in love with spin and fitness. When she moved to Surrey she too was stuck by the lack of options and so CYC:D was born, and thank god! Along with Naomi her Front of House Manager, CYC:D is a small but well oiled machine, with one studio were all classes take part. They operate on a rotating schedule of classes so there is something for everyone but with emphasis on spin with a minimum of 2 classes a day. Along with spin (Beat or Burn) there is Yoga, Barre, Pilates, HIIT and now boxing and a real highlight of the weekly schedule is the Live DJ Spin where you shake that thing to a DJ in the studio spinning the decks while you spin the wheels, it really is so much fun!

CYC:D, as a boutique fitness studio, source the best instructors, use the best technology available and provide a fitness experience which challenges the norms. I was super impressed with their bikes, which are top of the range Schwinn with dual pedals so you can use your cleats and some nifty display tech which tracks your progress. The instructors as well are all super friendly, very knowledgeable and always on hand to help with problems or concerns. I loved that in my HIIT class my exercises where changed for me, as I could not jump due to knee surgery, this shows a real level of compassion and understanding while still trying to get the best out of someone. Sophie the Pilates and Barre instructor came to be a constant source of knowledge about strength building which really helped me on my recovery from an ACL injury.As where I live is somewhat of a commuter town and also full of yummy mummies and daddies CYC:D have even made it easy for those who are time poor to join in. Their class schedule is designed to fit with your lifestyle and make it as easy as possible for you to get to the class you want. All classes can be booked quickly and easily online so need to do it over the phone or in person and can be booked in advance. They also keep things simple with no contracts, just buy your credits, book in and work out. Now why can’t all things in life be that easy?

Also housed in the small but mighty CYC:D is the CYC:D Kitchen, which is overseen by Naomi, who herself is keen creator of healthy snacks. Available here are a choice of superfood smoothies, cold pressed juices and a selection of healthy and nutritious snacks to fuel your workout or aid post workout recovery. All based on seasonal ingredients and new superfood trends, each week there is another interesting smoothie to try. The coffee is also to die for, and you can have your favourite Flat White or Cappuccino with a range of milk options. CYC:D Kitchen is also the venue for the post Live DJ Spin drinkies where several sweaty participants toast their achievement with a glass of bubbles or two; now can you see why I love this place?It is no secret the fitness is tough; but it is even tougher if you are working out alone, and I found this a harsh reality when I moved out of London. What I really like about CYC:D, over the amazing equipment, great playlists and mood boosting smoothies, was that it brings together like-minded people to help drive them all to reach their own personal goals. They champion that by working out together, as a team, a community, a movement, we can all change the way we look and feel from the inside out. Surrey was a dark place when I first moved out of London, but thanks to Faye, Naomi and the CYC:D team I have been bought back into the light and now I am not only part of a fitness movement but a fitness family.

34 High Street
GU27 2HJ
United Kingdom

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