by Lis-Marie Liden

Voluminous, healthy and strong, flowing hair.This is something I’ve always wanted but with fragile Scandinavian hair this is very hard. My hair breaks easily and this hinders me from having fun with my hair such as curling it or styling fierce up-dos.

Recently, I was asked to try out a series of products from Davines, a brand founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 by the Bollati family. Their inspiration is so interesting, taking ideas from people, culture, shapes and design amongst many other things.

They create their products with the aim of minimising the impact on the environment, using natural ingredients partnered together with cutting edge  cosmetic technology, and all this goodness is presented in minimalistically designed packages that truly look smart on your bathroom shelf.I tried out the OI range, Shampoo, Conditioner, All In One Milk and Oil all of which are part of the Essential Hair care system from Davines, with caring Roucou Oil in them. My first impression when I got these products was: luxury chic.

Starting out with the Shampoo – the scent is very organic and fresh, the lather is dense, which to me shows it’s a pure product. I could really tell my hair was cleansed from all the hairspray and such that I use daily to keep my hair in place, and this without leaving any residue.

After this, I used the Conditioner and left it in for a few minutes – enough time for a quick facemask, why not? I can sometimes feel that it’s hard to rinse a conditioner out properly but with the OI from Davines, this was not the case.Before styling, I sprayed my hair with the All in One Milk, which helps to detangle, gives heat protection, controls frizz, moisturises hair and so much more. This might be my favorite product in this range. Did I mention these products prevents hair from aging? This is important as aging hair loses its lustre.

For more intensive care, you can also use the Oil for softness, shine and anti frizz effects. This is an oil that creates a protective film around each strand of hair.

All in all, I felt completely fabulous and salon pampered after using these products – loving it! My hair smelled beautifully fresh long after washing and, even though I didn’t have modelesque flowing hair, I do feel that I had more bounce and body, so I would recommend this product for all you ladies out there!

This is only one of many more ranges to be found – there’s something for every type of hair out there, all of which can be found on the fabulous Davines website.


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