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A Delightful Face and Body Overhaul

by Lis-Marie Liden

I recently tried some delightful products to overhaul my face and body and cannot wait to tell you all about them. They range from creams for my skin to CBD balms for achy joints and sensitive dry skin.

A delightful roundup of must-have items

The first item I received is something that I feel is so easy to add in the mornings. I’m still very bad at adding a face cream in the morning because I feel it often takes too much time to absorb into my skin and not being a morning person, I’ll just leave that step and move on to my make-up.

I use a mineral powder foundation which doesn’t work so well when I’ve just added face cream. I know every skin care professional just cringed and I do apologise. UBANA has this profoundly moisturising Hydrating Water Cream Refresh, it’s cooling, super lightweight and a fully oil-free gel cream. 

It doesn’t leave a residue while still providing essential fatty acids and vitamins, it helps protect your skin and support well ageing all the while giving that much-needed moisture. In this pot of lovely pink gel, you’ll find key ingredients like Sakura Flower and Rice bran and gorgeous AntiBody Technology that has been created after 5 years of hard work and planning.

UBUNA offers fully customisable skincare, so whether you’re looking to brighten your complexion or support it in resisting outside damage they will have a solution for you. I liked that I could use this in my morning routine without it gunking up my makeup!

I have also had a 30-day Skin Youthification and Eye Rejuvenation treatment with the help of the Transformulas Marine Miracle The Skin Discovery set. I have been really good and used this for the past 30 days now, and I feel like my skin is very appreciative of it to say the least. Starting with a clean face I move on to adding the Marine Miracle Crème, it’s a very smooth moisturiser that feels delightful on my skin, it gives me an instant lasting glow and deep moisture. I felt that my skin was plumper and healthier looking.

This cream has Sea Marine active ingredients and antioxidants supporting your skin throughout the day against outside stresses and a little goes a long way so no need to overdo it. Alongside this cream, I also had the Marine Miracle Eye Zone creme gel. It has a very lightweight texture and all you need is a tiny bit to support your entire eye area. It works its magic on dark circles, puffiness, tiredness, stress fine lines and much more. We know the skin under your eye is very sensitive and I am weary of what I use.

This lush creme gel felt wonderful on the skin, and knowing it has a potent de-aging effect, and ingredients that will strengthen my under-eye area made me feel so happy. All made with carefully sourced seaweed and algae all harvested in a pollutant-free environment, how wonderful is that? I can definitely see a change after my 30-day “youthification”.

I’ve been open about my knee pain, it’s an issue where I am constantly trying to find new ways of soothing in a more natural way. So when Rain offered me to try their Raincoat High-Strength CBD rescue balm, which is made from a delightful and carefully tailored blend filled with all-natural botanical oils and extracts, I was intrigued. Inside there is shea butter, reship, almond, coconut, apricot and many more lush ingredients alongside 750mg premium CBD.

This balm is not only for aches but it’s also really good in soothing sensitive irritated skin or very dry skin. It has a fresh fragrance and non-sticky texture. You don’t have to use a lot, a little, yet again, goes a long way. It comes in a little tin with a lid that can be sealed tight to keep your product staying great for longer, and it looks cute on my bedside table. All of the Rain products are cruelty-free, organically grown hemp and fully recyclable, this day and age this is so important. I look forward to seeing how this does in dealing with my knee pain so far so good.

So happy with my products to overhaul my face and body ready for Spring, I can’t wait to see more improvement with use and time.


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