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November 2018 saw the Dorothy Circus Gallery open a new permanent residence in London, in Connaught Village, with the grand opening exhibition of “Chambrum Rangeam”, the first double solo exhibition by Street Artist SETH.

Entering the Dorothy Circus art gallery I felt as though I was being transported from the real world into a magical and mystical setting. Each piece by SETH celebrated the experience of the surreal and the discovered freedom of imagination. The colourful and entrancing paintings by SETH against the Sacré Blue toned walls and aquamarine ceiling, which are inspired by the American sculpture artist Adam Wallacavage, created a surreal and extravagant ambience in the gallery.

Through the art and scenery at the Dorothy Circus Gallery, the gallery spreads one of its core concepts and goals: to arouse vibrant emotions and to offer an introspective journey for each spectator. While displaying an accurate selection of surreally intimate and emotional masterpieces, the curatorial team targets to bring the beholders back to their primordial memories and to perceive again the adult’s inner child, transcending the limits of space and time.

DCG_SETH_Temet Nosce

Originally opened in Rome in 2007, the Dorothy Circus Gallery was launched to allow the Italian Contemporary Art scene to recognise such international artists as Joe Sorren, Ron English, Sas & Colin Christian, Camille Rose Garcia, Alex Gross, Tara McPherson, James Jean, Miss Van, Kazuki Takamatsu and many others. By anticipating market trends and interests in the global market, the gallery also plays a key role in presenting some of the most promising Japanese artists, such as Hikari Shimoda, Naoto Hattori, Atsuko Goto and Ozabu. Japanese artists have transformed the contemporary art scene, bringing together their fascinating historical and cultural tradition and refined artistic techniques.

Dorothy Circus Gallery, in both Rome and London, also produce a wide selection of art related products, such as art books, artists monographs and art catalogues of the exhibitions displayed at the galleries, alongside with limited edition prints, postcard box sets, and special limited editions of collectables, all of which can be purchased in both galleries.

Since Dorothy Circus Gallery was selected by Juxtapoz magazine as one of the top 100 world’s galleries leading European centre for Pop Surrealism, then if Surrealism art is of interest or you want to learn more about this art genre then Dorothy Circus Gallery is the perfect place to gain a new perspective.


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