Dr Daniel Sister

by Lady Charlotte Lynham

World-renowned anti-ageing and hormone specialist, Dr. Daniel Sister, practices exclusively at BeautyWorksWest. He received his medical doctorate at the Paris Medical School, subsequently building a global reputation. He has practiced at many of the world’s premier clinics, has written several highly acclaimed books, and regularly appears on TV. His extensive research studies and expertise are sought-after by the beauty, anti-ageing, nutrition and complementary medical communities.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you trained to be a doctor and in particular specialize in non-surgical cosmetic surgery?

I graduated from medical school in France in 1973 and was at that time the youngest doctor to open a private practice – I haven’t stopped working since! The cosmetic / non-surgical field is evolving at light speed with amazing new discoveries, new treatments, new applications. What is done today is so different from what was done last year, let alone five years ago. We are a generation of baby boomers, seeking the ‘best anti-aging’ techniques and this industry brings new possibilities every day. It is very challenging, very exciting and very satisfying.You have introduced many pioneering therapies to the industry, in particular the Dracula Treatment, can you tell us what this treatment involves and the results expected?

The ‘Dracula’ is derived from PRP (platelet rich plasma), the first studies of which were published in the mid-70s. My involvement was more about how to make an existing therapy even more potent. The treatment involves using the patient’s own plasma, activating the platelets in a specific way so they release the best concentration of growth factors and pre-stem cells, enriching that plasma with a specific combination of amino acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants, and re-injecting it at different levels under the skin. It then stimulates the release of type-1 collagen, which gives a stronger, more radiant skin, helps to fight wrinkles and even, if mixed with hyaluronic acid, recreates volumes wherever it is needed, from cheekbones to cleavage.

Your food supplement, YOUTH, is designed specifically for those aged over 40. Is there an optimum age for the Dracula?

The optimum age for the Dracula depends on each individual – factors such as lifestyle, health problems, sun damage, acne, hair loss – but because it is based on the patient’s own plasma there is absolutely no risk whatsoever.

You have travelled the world lecturing on your pioneering therapies, do you find that certain countries are more interested in new non-surgical therapies and is it difficult sometimes to change the perceptions of other experts in this particular field?

No, I think the new trend is everywhere – non-surgical and as minimally invasive as possible. New technologies allow us to achieve fantastic results without ‘opening’. Surgery stays as a last option.

Do you think that general trends in cosmetic surgery are changing with people being more conscientious about preserving what they have rather than opting for more drastic changes such as implants and Botox?

People are more conscious and they all want a more natural look. They are aware of what could be achieved and ‘cosmetic knowledge’ is getting more and more common. Patients want results with as little downtime as possible, looking as good as possible without others really knowing what they have done.

What do you find is the most common option as to non-surgical cosmetic surgery and do people’s perceptions change after a consultation?

The most common option is different (as it should be) with every patient. All our treatments are not interchangeable – dermal fillers do not replace Botox, which does not achieve the same as chemical peelings. Laser, radio frequency or ultrasound are again for different problems, issues and concerns.

As a specialist in your field, what advice can you give as to maintaining healthy skin and prolonging the effects of aging?

Lifestyle, diet and sun protection are important.

With more and more celebrities and people in the public eye having a perfect complexion and defying age have you seen an increase in popularity of the services your clinic offer?

I don’t really know if it’s the ‘celeb culture’, but patients are well aware that what you see in photos is enhanced with Photoshop and airbrushed. It may be that as we live longer we want to keep our looks for as long as possible.

So finally, as an expert, what do you see as the next innovations for non-surgical cosmetic surgery?

Definitely the stem cells.


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