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Eco and Sustainable hair care

by Lis-Marie Liden

For the longest time I have wanted to try shampoo and conditioner bars, I mean if we can use less plastic and also have a product that lasts longer why not? I just didn’t know where to start so how lucky was I when I received Biovène Barcelona’s solid shampoo and conditioner bars for hair.

Week two of self isolation and the time had come where my hair wasn’t salvageable now, even with the best of hats. I’m so used to liquid shampoo and conditioner and the way it easily covers all of my hair with lathers that when I started to use the bars I thought I might not be able to figure out if I was covering enough but there was no need to stress. The bar easily distributed product throughout my hair with simple strokes and started to lather when I massaged the shampoo in with my fingers.

Then we come to the conditioner part, I need this as when I brush my hair it easily damages. Again it was such an unusual feeling just stroking this perfect little bar along the lengths of my hair. But I tell you, it is perfect! Plus the fact that there’s no wasted product as you only really use as much as you need at the time. Brushing my hair afterwards was so easy and no tangling so it really did distribute perfectly through my locks.

Let us dive into some information about product waste; did you know that every year over 80 billion plastic bottles are being disposed from just shampoo and conditioner alone? But what’s even worse is that out of that 9 million tons of plastic gets thrown into our oceans. This absolutely breaks my heart and makes me want to go completely plastic free as soon as I possibly can. So this was one of the main reasons I started looking into what shampoo and conditioner bars so I could be more part of the solution than the problem. I already have a fabric shopping tote and a keep cup for my morning coffee. But I know I am lengths away from really doing my possible part,  having that said, we all have to start somewhere.

Now let’s go back to these gorgeous bars; they come in five formulations, Hydrate Repair, Damage Control, Moisture Volume, Clear Protect and Nourish Restore. These bars are good for all hair types and are only made of natural ingredients and essential oils. They are dermatologist tested, plastic free, as mentioned before, vegetarian and without silicates, parabens and palm oil. And the cherry on top is that Biovène Barcelona are supporting the Clean Beach Initiative which is a global charity raising awareness of plastic waste and organising local beach cleanups.

So I have washed my hair and now look like a drowned rat when removing my shabbily twisted hair towel. Time to brush it out. My hair is so sensitive in its own Scandinavian way that it seems to be offended by the mere notion of being styled or brushed, it breaks before I even get to the point of action. I’m used to it now, used to losing a fair amount of hair each time I brush or stumble across a few boobytrapped knots.

I recently received a nice set of brushes and combs from So Eco, these work hard to ensure a lower impact on the environment through responsibly sourced products and forward thinking packaging. The products are cruelty-free and vegan friendly. All the packaging is eco-friendly by using sustainable and biodegradable materials, they also use vegetable inks and water based adhesives just to mention a few features. The brushes are also very chic, definitely shelf worthy.

So after my shower I grabbed the Oval Detangling Hair brush, after all detangling was what I needed. I have always been a little worried when brushing my hair when it’s wet so I was moving with caution until the moment I noticed it travelled through my hair like there was not a single obstacle in sight! OK so wet hair was a go, but I have to say that using this particular brush on messy “I just woke up“ hair is where I was greatly impressed. You see, I always have this weird wave on one side, only one side because why not right? But this brush somehow made it all look Hollywood wave style! The kink was gone and I looked like I was ready for any event that would’ve been on were it not for this quarantine.

So despite self isolation it feels so good to have a great hair care regime in place even if it’s just me and the squirrels during this lockdown. So now I am feeling fabulous inside and out with hair care that is eco and sustainable and that’s all that matters.

For more information on Biovene Barcelona hair care see online and to purchase see here. For further information of So Eco hair brushes see online.

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