Eco Homeware

by Yemi Edwards

The lockdown is looking a bit lighter here in England. With that, this means more opportunities to go outside. Not only this, but there has been a noticeable improvement in the environment around the world. To keep with this progress here are a few products that care about the environment and our health. The brands below embrace eco-friendly alternatives to provide you with everyday lifestyle products. They can be used at home or on the go . . .

By Quokka

Quokka is a brand from Spain known for producing stylish and sustainable bottles for on the go! Their reusable bottles are eco-friendly, BPA free and come in 3 materials. Tritan is a crystal, transparent, lightweight material that is strong and durable. LDPE, usually used in their sports range is light and flexible. then their stainless steel bottles are excellent thermal insulators. The super stylish designs come in 7 ranges: Ice, Solid, Mineral, Splash, Sweat, Quick Sip and Spring.

The Solid is the stainless steel insulated bottle. It’s produced double-walled and vacuumed insulated. It keeps cold liquids cold for 18 hours and hot liquid for 12 hours. The bottle is also leak proof. A pain that bottles bring people is rusting, this quokka bottle is rustproof and high resistant. Another plus is that it has no smell or taste absorption. You can have your coffee, then wash and have water and not be reminded of it later! Are you an ice needer! Well, you can fit ice cubes in the wide mouth designed bottle. Using this bottle every day will save 365 plastic bottles per year!

There are over 20 modern styles in the Solid Range. Including colours and patterns for children, so a perfect choice for the active family! For more information see online.


Smidge eco-friendly products and gifts are significant both in and out of the home. They make tableware, kitchenware and more, which are very friendly to our environment by reducing plastic usage. The unique feature of Smidge products is that they are 100% natural. Their items are for everyday use, and this is amazing because you can practice this friendly eco-living more and efficiently with products like the ones below.

My favourite place is in the kitchen, and the Smidge Slice Chopping Board is made from sustainably sourced salvaged paper, dishwasher friendly and won’t hurt knives when used. Another exciting feature is that it’s oven safe up to 240c. Before using in the oven, you would need to remove the silicone corners. The corner keeps your board in place on the counter. I must say I’ve never thought of using my chopping board in my oven, but now this just went the extra mile in space-saving and the environment. The boards come in 3 colours and sizes.

Smidge Jugs are made without plastic or artificial binding agents. The unique feature about this product is that they have produced this 100% naturally from plant materials derived from corn, they are also 100% biodegradable. These award-winning jugs can be used inside and outside at picnics, BBQs or just in the home. Choose from the colours aqua and citrus to go along with the sleek storm coloured jug. The 1.5 Lt jug fits nicely in a fridge door. Great for our household as the children love cold cordial drinks.

Another item is the lunch box by Smidge. As above it’s made like the jug. When ready to be disposed of, it returns to the soil. The 1.3-litre eco-friendly box is excellent for on the go dining. It has two compartments, and the divider is removable. The lid has a seal, and a band holds the whole container. There is more. It is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and oven safe to 120c. For more information see online.


ZeroWater five stage advanced water filtration jug is another solution to saving the planet. How? The 7 cup jug reduces 99% dissolved solids in drinking water. It uses a patent red 5 stage filter to clean the water we drink from the tap. The result means buying less bottled water in plastic containers. Stage 1 is a coarse filter that removes the solids that make cloudy water. Stage 2 removes more solids and is the foam distributor. Carbon and Oxidation in stage 3 remove organic contaminants like pesticides, chlorine and stops bacteria from growing. Stage 4 is the ion exchange resin that removes inorganic compounds like metals, and finally is a membrane layer which does the final cleaning process. The jug comes with a TDS meter in the lid so you can monitor the cleanliness of your water. Online there is a graph of the water pollutants in the UK. You can match up your area to make sure your drinking water is safe. The ability to hold 7 cups is great for a big household. There a few sizes, including one that fits in the door of the fridge. Not only does it reduce waste, but it is also made 100% BPA free.

A great thing about the ZeroWater brand this system is also available in a travel cup! It is very stylish and also sleek. The travel and sports bottle carry about 0.8L. It has the filtration system inside, and you can obtain the water with its straw. It doesn’t come with a TDS meter, but the filter is colour changing. Giving you the reassurance you are drinking clean water. For more information see online.

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