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Embracing home isolation in style

by Lis-Marie Liden

I think it is safe to say I’m not the only one finding this strange new situation of home isolation kind of scary and unknown. We are all confined to our humble abodes and all of a sudden we have all this time on our hands. What are we going to do?

Maybe you are lucky to have someone there with you, that you hopefully get along with, maybe you are still able to work from home or maybe like me you find yourself in solitude with only the company of the neighbours cats.

I’m lucky to have a small garden of my own, filled with sunshine if I’m lucky on some days. So when I open my patio door and welcome the morning birdsong I take a quiet and calm moment to just enjoy a breath of fresh air and obviously a cup of coffee, before shouting at the squirrel that yet again has dug up every flower pot I have planted. A perfect start?

Personally I’m taking this time in isolation to get back to my yoga routine, I have found muscles I never knew I had. I am re-organising my wardrobe and plan new fun outfits for when we get back out on the other side, but also who doesn’t like a bit of dress up?

Let’s all just stop and pause for a second and appreciate that we can now all literally live in our lounge wear. We can allow our skin to relax from make up and let our hair just be free from all the heat and damage from styling, and thankfully there is no need to squeeze our feet into those uncomfortable work shoes.

My lounge style is a soft cotton LBD, obviously, and teddy bear slippers, which are much cooler than they sound I swear. Topped off my very favourite thing to wear when lounging, a kimono, it just feels so boudoir in the best sense of the word. And this all the while being surrounded by my favourite scented candles, fashion magazines and at the moment a Swedish radio show on the speakers, just to make me laugh.

I very often find myself browsing loungewear in the hopes of stumbling onto a new look. I really think that just because you find yourself at home it doesn’t mean we have give up on ourselves. Because believe it or not even your loungewear is important.

Picture this, you put on that tank top that you probably should’ve thrown away 5 years ago because it was so washed out and now has a tennis ball sized hole in it but it matches so well those sweatpants that you once spilled bolognese on and the stain just won’t go away. They are both comfortable I’m sure but walking past that mirror and catching a glimpse of the mess you are, it is not going to make you feel better, and imagine if the hottest mailman rings the doorbell. The horror.

So now, more than ever, is the time to glam your loungewear up; wear those Unicorn slippers, that sexy silk Pyjama set or a fabulous Co-ord that finally matches and rock that self isolation style!

Some of my favourite brands at the moment is Oysho, they offer everything from lingerie, gym wear, beachwear and loungewear. Good lasting quality, simple cuts and very fashionable. But also Anthropologie, think modern shabby chic florals and fun colours, you can tell their inspiration is ranging all the way from vintage to modern. I also just recently found a shop simply called Lounge, I browse this site a lot, this is a more modern, younger and slightly sportier brand created by a couple called Dan and Mel, I like their style.

There are so many great shops out there and now you have a bit more time to browse, so pour that beverage of choice and start browsing. Make the most of your self isolation and put on that great face mask, emerge yourself in fun mani+pedis and binge watch those series you never had the time to get into. And no need to feel alone, FaceTime your friends and family, maybe learn a new skill, and open that bottle of wine, it’s time for you time.

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