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Environmentally Friendly Bathroom Bits

Brushd Toothpaste tablets

With Earth Day just behind us the care for our environment is all in the rage on social media and in the papers, but it shouldn’t have to be in my opinion. The change should at this point come natural to us all, and the only clothes and products we should be looking for are the environmentally friendly alternatives and to always choose them when possible.

Hence I loved discovering Brushd – products that one may not at first thought think of when it comes to improving our environmental footprint, but they certainly should! There is so much plastic generally in these types of products, everything in your standard toothbrush is plastic, floss is coated in it. With Brushd everything is different, their floss is made from corn, no plastic in sight and zero waste, their recyclable electric toothbrush heads that fit your standard electric toothbrush comes with a plastic (compostable, non toxic biodegradable of course) return bag with postage paid for you to send back your used toothbrushes in and Brushd will recycle them. Instead of a plastic tube of toothpaste you here have small (recyclable) glass jars with mouthwash and toothpaste pills (that looks so nice on your shelf!), it takes some getting used to, but now when I have I don’t see that I would ever return to the plastic toxic toothpaste tubes on our regular supermarket shelf. Brushd has literally thought of everything to make our dental care safe, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Kin Kind has taken charge of our shower and bath corners, gone is the plastic, all their shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers, body washes comes in the shape of soap bars. As tooth brushing with pills took some getting used to so does the soap bar concept for shampoos and conditioners, but now when I have I consider myself an avid fan of both, it actually feels so much cleaner too mentally, and no plastic lurking around in your bathroom. The smells of these gorgeous bars are divine too and there are plenty of different ones to suit all skin and hair types, they are vegan and leaves your body and hair smelling and feeling divine.

Moving on to Eco Vibe that has a similar concept and their bars are equally nice to use, they also do other clever stuff to minimise waste, like reusable cotton pads, that comes in a little wash bag and you wash them when you have used all 16, they are made from organic cotton and bamboo. I love this concept as there is far too much cotton pads that are being used and many still flush them down the toilet which is so bad (please stop if you are still doing it!). Their pink grapefruit shampoo has saponified olive oil, coconut oil and glycerine as main cleaning ingredients which works really well and without all the nasty chemicals.

So with a few tweaks and changes to your bathroom these bars and glass jars are here to stay – bye bye plastic tubes and bottles, hello environmentally friendly alternatives!


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