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Eyebrow Tattooing at Tracie Giles

by Lady Charlotte Lynham

I have always had quite prominent brows, I was one of the lucky ones who did not over pluck them in the 90’s when wispy brows were ‘in”, however in a world where we strive for perfection as well as time I started to consider microblading. Semi permanent makeup including bladed brows is not something you want to leave to chance in terms of technicians, it is a highly skilled procedure, and Tracie Giles is the global leader. With over 25 years’ professional aesthetic experience, Tracie Giles is at the forefront of permanent cosmetics. Tracie Giles Bespoke Permanent Make Up was founded in 2003 and launched its first collection of concessions in premier spas and clinics around London. The success of this led to rapid expansion and the company soon relocated to No1 Harley Street. By 2009, the company had outgrown their Harley Street clinic and relocated to larger premises in Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge which to this day is her flagship clinic.  Within two years of locating to Beauchamp Place, Tracie had achieved not only her goal of becoming the first high street clinic in the UK but had also expanded the clinic from the original two rooms to five floors solely dedicated to the art of permanent make up. Now that is rather impressive, it is what makes her today the best in the business and why I chose to visit her over others offering semi permanent make up.I went to my consultation at her flagship clinic in Knightsbridge, stepping through the glass door and into reception I was warmly greeted and took a seat. The main reception is a girly bonanza in shades of pink, silver and crystals with a flower wall and twinkly lights, so different to your usual London clinics that are sterile and white. After a short wait Tracie came down to greet me and took me to her room for my consultation. First things were to discuss the final results, did I want them natural, bold, ombre, straight, etc. Essentially I wanted them to be more even, a little bolder and more defined as a shape, so I had the look of a groomed brow had I used makeup. As Tracie Giles offers the most comprehensive choice of eyebrow techniques in the industry you can choose anything from a more natural look to a full bold statement look, they use the best products and techniques available so can create a truly bespoke and utterly flawless result for each individual client. Tracie took her time to talk through the options and what the procedure would entail including results and aftercare. Once we had agreed on a look she laid me down and drew guidelines on my face as to the shape, angle and scale; before starting she made sure I was happy with what she had drawn as these were to be the guidelines for my new brows.At Tracie Giles there are many options one can choose from as to semi permanent brows including microblading, nano needle, ombré brow and their signature brow the 3D Hair by Hair Brow, however as every client is unique the technician will advise which is best, in my instance Tracie suggested a combo brow. The combo brow is a combination of many techniques to achieve the final result, my treatment included microblading, nano needle and ombré to achieve the final result. Tracie started with the microblading, a technique that uses a super fine microblade to etch lines into the skin that flow in the same direction as your own hairs. The scratches are then filled with pigment that is bespokely created for the eyebrows to create a more natural and soft effect, the pigment is placed into a higher layer of the skin in this technique. Tracie then used the nano needle which is an ultrafine needle that uses a tattoo technique to build up pigment. The needle itself is an acupuncture needle which is very fine and bendable and as such the technician can create delicate fine strokes that despite being a needle does not hurt at all! Lastly Tracie used a shading technique to define the edges of the brows which gave them a more bold outline. All of these techniques were done using a numbing cream on the brows and in between each stage Tracie would cleanse the area and show me the results as we went to make sure I was happy. After almost two hours we were done and Tracie gave me a home kit to look after the brows including a cleanser and a soothing balm. I was given a sheet of the Do’s and Don’ts including getting them wet, rubbing them and makeup application etc, it’s all very comprehensive but the clinic can advise you on anything post treatment if you are unsure.Appointments at Tracie Giles are generally arranged in two stages spaced at 6 to 12 weeks apart; this allows for a safe, comfortable and gradual treatment and means on the second visit the technician can correct any pigmentation loss or add to the brows depending on the clients request. I went in for my second appointment about 8 weeks or so after the first visit, I had done everything I was told on the sheet and used my aftercare kit but the pigmentation on one brow had faded a little more than on the other and I have a weird bald spot on my left brow anyway which also had faded a little. I saw Tracie and she advised me this happens with most cases as all of us have different skin, different reactions, different lifestyles and as such some pigment takes better than others thus why they do the second appointment. We went back to her room and she took a look, she agreed there was a little fading but this could be easily remedied.

She used the microblading and nano needle again to build more pigment where it had faded,  we discussed that I would like it slightly bolder than before and with her skill and expertise she created the brows of my dreams. Again at each stage Tracie showed me what she was using and the effects and by the end the result was astonishing. I had the most perfectly ‘groomed’ brows that looked natural but defined, they framed my face and looked bold but not ‘done’, they showed Tracie’s skill as a true artist. I went away a very happy client in the knowledge that my brows will look this good for anywhere between 12-18 months.Smudge-proof, swim-proof, gym-proof, permanent make up is convenient for anyone, especially for someone like me who travels a lot and never has time for a full face of makeup. I can honestly see now why permanent makeup has become so popular in the last decade; always rather fearful because of the horror stories, I am now a convert after visiting Tracie Giles. Her knowledge, warmth, professionalism and technique are exemplary, no wonder she has celebrities queueing up to see her and why she has appeared on TV including ITN news discussing the ethics of permanent makeup on young people and Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies. I am so happy I chose to visit Tracie Giles, therefore if microblading or eyebrow tattooing is something you have been considering look no further that the best in the industry and head to Tracie Giles Bespoke Permanent Make Up in Knightsbridge, I am glad I did.

Tracie Giles London
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