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Filter Free Skincare

by Lorna Oakley

#dropthefilter has now been growing momentum for a few months, from Huda Beauty’s call for influencers and brand to state when filters are used, to Grazia featuring ‘the end of the love island face’ (their words not mine). Now the Dove campaign has highlighted how 80% of 13 year old girls distort their images online, we are seeing a change in how we look at ourselves in a more realistic light. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to use some brands that genuinely work from the inside out from collagen for skin health to the amazing Dr Levy booster serum so you can feel confident without having to put a filter on that photo.

Working from home we have all seen ourselves via computer screens more than ever on zoom calls etc, but rather than turn to a surgeon’s clinic I’ve looked at some of the best products with long lasting results that work. Starting from the inside out with Rejuvenate Collagen, I used the Skin Perfecting Complex for two months, it’s a vegan collagen skin boosting formula to support collagen and promote youthful skin. Stocked by the amazing husband and wife team at Crowley Aesthetics, their holistic approach with a focus on wellness alongside aesthetics is a breath of fresh air.

A revolutionary vegan supplement containing a host of ingredients to calm and alleviate a number of skin conditions including acne, rosacea and eczema. It also helps to prevent oxidative stress, subsequently clarifying polluted skin 

The nutrient rich formula contains Botani-col®, works to boost collagen production and perfect the skin from within. It is a vegan fusion which mirrors the ratio of amino acids that make up collagen; the first of its kind, correcting the complexion from the inside out. I found (as with products like this) you need to be patient, this like most products that have long lasting results; is not an overnight cure. Over a period of 4-6 weeks is when you will see subtle changes, the softening of skin and fine lines. I found this was noticeable on my decolletage and the overall skin texture on my face.

On the subject of skincare from the outside, I was gifted the incredible Dr Levy of Switzerland Booster Serum (this I layer with Ole Henriksen Lemonade Smoothing Scrub, but I’ll touch on that later). First thing you notice is the almost space age packaging, this is airless technology designed to protect the serum and maintain the treatment’s anti-aging powers. This serum combined with a scrub, digestible collagen and a great tinted SPF it is the perfect building blocks for filter free skin (also, never forget how hydration is so so important).

The super lightweight texture of this serum allows deeper penetration, meaning it can deliver the patented ArganCellActiv formula deep into the skin. The unique blend of actives, vitamins and peptides work to firm, plump and hydrate the skin, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles”.

The first thing I did notice was the texture, immediately skin feels silky smooth. After a few days your skin does feel plumper and more glowy. I’ve perfected the no makeup look now for most of lockdown, so this serum is a good canvas as there’s not botox or fillers, basically bare skin so to speak!

I mentioned layering products earlier, using this post exfoliation I find is the perfect way to layer products, almost like preparing a blank canvas ensuring it is smooth. I love the Ole Henriksen Lemonade scrub. Inspired by a “refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot summer day”, this sugar face scrub brings life back to dull, rough skin. This dual-action scrub does double-duty to physically and chemically exfoliate your complexion. High-potency AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) help loosen and lift dead skin cells, while lemon peel powder and ultra-fine sugar exfoliants gently sweep away rough skin. I’m obsessed… long gone are the days when you layered products from the same brand. I found these two worked wonders together, the scrub cleans the skin and the serum create a gorgeous smooth canvas for makeup or just SPF. No need for a filter here!

So that’s the skincare sorted, lastly there’s lashes to look after. I was kindly gifted UKlash Serum; to be honest there were rather confident claims…

Uklash help you to grow the longest ever eyelashes it’s totes healthy for lashes because its unique formula nourishes, conditions and softens while encouraging up to 55% more long length, 75% more fullness”

So did it work? Oh yes and then some! I was always a committed lash extension fan before lockdown and this is a real gamechanger. The only thing I will say, is be patient, it takes a good six weeks to see any change, but when it kicks it, it’s incredible. My lashes now look lush and full and I no longer need to rely on extensions for that full lash look. A coat of mascara and I am good to go . . .

To conclude, do all of the above work? Yes. Do they create a more even skin tone, shinier hair, longer lashes? Yes, they most certainly do. In a world where we have become increasingly reliant on filters it is refreshing to step away from that false representation and to embrace feeling good in your own skin, and products like this are a step in the right direction. So take the challenge and go #filterfree.

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