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Four Seasons London at Canary Wharf


As you know, I found heaven recently – the beautiful Spa at Four Seasons Park Lane. Well, it turns out that it has a baby sister in the form of the River View Treatment Suite at Four Seasons London at Canary Wharf.

The River Treatment Suite is hidden away in the hotel, on the second floor, past the in-house gym. The private suite allows individuals or couples to indulge in Organic Pharmacy products, rose and jasmine fragrances, personalised massages and facial treatments with breath-taking views of the River Thames. Because there is only one suite the menu of treatments available is condensed to four: The Organic Pharmacy Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial, the Deep-Cleansing Head & Face for men, the River View Signature Ritual and the Business Traveller’s Massage, which can be experienced in three different levels dependant on time. My treatment on this occasion was the 50 minute Business Traveller’s Massage.

After checking in to our Penthouse Suite, the lovely Emmanuelle, my treatment therapist, came to collect me from my room, already in my robe and comfortable Four Seasons slippers, champagne in hand. We made our way down to the Treatment Suite. The first thing I noticed is that the room is perfumed with the fragrant oils used in the treatments, followed by the wonderful view of the Thames. As my treatment was at dusk, the river was bathed in beautiful hues of the sunset with the lights of Canary Wharf and the City appearing in the skyscrapers outside. Emmanuelle made me feel very comfortable, offering me a herbal tea or glass of water, but since I already had champagne I stuck with my signature drink. She showed me from the waiting room in to the treatment room, which also had floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Thames outside, and asked whether I wanted the blinds drawn, which somewhat defeats the point of the view.

I respectfully declined and lay down on the treatment bed. Emmanuelle had previously asked me in the waiting room what my preferences were for oil and pressure of the massage. You can choose from Rosemary and Grapefruit for circulation, Jasmine and Rose for stress relief or Ginger and Arnica for relieving aches and pains; I opted for the de-stressing Jasmine and Rose and deep tissue pressure as to massage.

She began on my back so I was laying on my front; the massage bed was warm and relaxing and the music and ambience of the room was perfect for sending me in to a semi-slumber. She concentrated on the areas that I highlighted as being problem areas, like my lower back and shoulders. After Emmanuelle had finished my back and legs she asked me to turn over so she could massage my shoulders and head, but this point I was so relaxed it felt a real struggle to just turn over! Once on my back, Emmanuelle continued the massage concentrating on my shoulders and on finding a knot she worked her magic by reducing the tension on my left shoulder with ease (lifting one too many Martini glasses, methinks). After the 50 minutes was up, I was well and truly pacified. I remarked to Emmanuelle that I was unsure how I would make it through dinner now being so relaxed, but luckily the call of truffles knocked me out of my calm coma.

In conclusion, the Treatment Suite at Four Seasons London at Canary Wharf may not be on the grand scale of Four Seasons Hyde Park or Hampshire but is by is no means any less of a wonderful respite from the trials of a working week (or weekend). With its beautiful outlook over the mesmerizing River Thames, and talented staff like Emmanuelle to make you feel at ease and pampered, it is evident that all good things come in small sizes!

River View Treatment Suite
Four Seasons Hotel London at Canary Wharf
46 Westferry Circus
E14 8RS



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