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Getting Ready For Summer

by Lis-Marie Liden

This is going to be a nice mix of different things from beauty to fitness to fashion and things to support you in between to get summer ready, but something I feel I need to add is that I’m finally writing this sitting inside my favourite Tea House, inside!

I have really started to build my own little fitness area on my patio and I love it! There’s a punching bag, balance board, kettlebells and two sets of dumbbells. So when I received the Leg Master it fit right in. I had heard of it before but not looked into it, it’s a brilliant tool to help you with so many areas of your body. Pelvic floor and core, lifts and tones your butt and works out the inner and outer thighs. I had to modify my stance slightly due to my knee so I have a slight bend when I do my reps, but if anything I feel it even more. You can do classic in and out movements with your legs or you can do small pulses. I say mix it up. Start slow, it might not look like it will be hard but I can tell you that it’s targeting areas that for me haven’t been used like this before. I managed for maybe a minute my first session and built it up from there. One thing I find very clever about the Leg Master is the handlebar, they have made it slightly pliable so you can’t hold on to it and cheat firstly but also it can be used as an arm exercise. The Leg Master Slim strengthening machine is also compact and a easy-to-use tool that works way more muscles than you’d expect! The best part is, its compact design allows you to get your pump on while you’re sitting at a table or desk so it’s great for anyone with limited mobility as well. Summer full body workout here we go!

I also trialled a top from Hytro. This isn’t your average workout wear, it’s a BFR TechWear, BFR stands for Blood Flow Restriction. The Hytro top has a strap on each arm that needs to be situated just above your bicep, you then tighten the strap which has different levels of restriction and start your workout. Initially it felt like you would imagine, like something is strangling your arms. This in turn made my muscles feel more tired and like they had to work harder throughout my workout. I can honestly say I couldn’t hold my guard towards the end of my Boxing HIIT, a practise that would’ve meant push up punishment for all back in my boxing days, good thing I workout alone now.

What basically happens when you use the Hytro top is that oxygenated blood is allowed to flow into the limbs while limiting the return flow. This then increases muscle fibre activation and up-regulates muscle building hormones. This then will increase muscle build and strength. The magic of BFR is in allowing you to work at lower intensities than usual. While lifting weights of 70% of one-rep max is widely considered to be required for optimal muscle growth, using BFR allows you to lift at 20-30% of their one-rep max and attain similar results. BFR training also even allows you to continue your progress on rest days due to the lack of significant muscle damage. This is a seriously clever piece of kit especially as it allows me to make more use of my small home gym. The tops are available in a range of colours for both men and women.

To keep my rocky music coming through without fail throughout my Boxing session I am pleased to say the the Urbanista Athens earphones are there to help. They stay completely put with the help of a clever rubber ring that you can fit in the fold of your ear. All the while cancelling out annoying sound from around you, they offer a super clear sound, you can answer calls even, not I recommend you break up this 9 round fight with the punishing bag but you can if you’d like. If you need Siri or Google you just have to ask and they will hear you.

They are waterproof and will give you up to 32hrs playtime, they come in a slim little charging case with light indicators telling you when it’s time to charge. I like that they’re sleek and fit nicely in my ear, you get different sizes of rubber covers depending on our ear size so they will for sure work for you. When not in the gym these are perfect for your daily commute, sitting in the park, playing your favourite podcast or even, when restrictions allow, to use on the plane this summer.

Now that we have talked about getting fit at home, it’s now time to head out. So firstly, nails, I rarely leave my house with undone nails, but sometimes I just don’t have the time to sit and cure a full set of gel nails so then what do I do? Well ladies, Elegant Touch has us all sorted. No matter what style you fancy, long short, pointy to square they have it for you. This is a new modern take on the classic press on nail.

You have different versions pre glued or ones that require a little effort. Very easy to apply, prep your nails, find the size, glue both your nails and the Elegant Touch nail, place and hold for 15 seconds and it’s done, move on to the next one. To remove simply soak your nails much like you would with gel and the false nail will start to dissolve. If you are unsure of anything in the process they have brilliant videos on their website. This is definitely a game changer and a time saver, no need to cure gel or wait for normal varnish to dry. So any last minute summer drink or dinner reservations with friends and family you will always been street ready with the perfect manicure.

Lastly, and thanks to the summer weather, beach days are finally here! Staycation wise of course, but being a Swede living in the U.K I find it the perfect time to see more of this country. Whether you are at the beach or by that pool, this summer you should have a look at Bridie & Bert. They have one of my now favourite things to put on after a shower or after a swim. The Immy Tunic in particular is a lovely beach dress that looks chic and feels absolutely amazing while wearing. It is long enough to allow you to feel warm but has vents to allow airflow and some leg action. It also has a slight v-neck with a cute decorative fringe framing and slightly cropped sleeves.

It’s made out of a stretchy almost towel like fabric but even softer. This really helps when you come out of the water and need a cover up but also something to help get you dry and warm. I love mine and just know it will be one of the first things I’ll make sure I pack before any beach day. All their items are perfect for the unpredictable British weather and ideal for warmer days at home and abroad. They have a range of tunics and towels for women and children all in lovely shades to match to your style or swimwear.

That’s me all ready for summer and the hopefully (fingers crossed) long lasting warmth and sunshine.

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