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HOI Interiors: How to make the most of our time at home

by Lorna Oakley

It is impossible to ignore what is going on in the world right now, and as we are all on lockdown, spring is usually the time for change; however, to all of us right now it feels like someone has pressed the pause button. I have been chatting to the ladies at HOI Interiors for their take on lockdown and how we can take a positive from our extended time at home from their perspective.

Abbie explained “We started off designing for friends and family until we had a built up enough of a ‘portfolio’ to put the business out there. Both Helen and I are driven individuals, we have a vision and work hard to bring that to life. It was hard when we first started out, convincing people to go with our ideas was difficult but now we’re grateful to have a portfolio that speaks for itself, along with a great team that helps bring each vision to life!

Hoi Interiors have been busy growing their presence on instagram too. “Its such a great business tool for us” says Abbie. “It gives us the opportunity to engage with a much wider audience and we’ve met many clients through it! We believe that it’s a good platform to share our work, hints tips & design tricks!

Describing their style, Abbie and Helen explain that Hoi Interiors create ‘classic interiors with a fresh and modern feel’. “One thing we don’t do, is follow trends” Explains Helen. “Our approach to design grows organically and can stem from a client’s brief, the style of property, a piece of art or heirloom that the client owns.” Most importantly, the finished article must be practical and beautiful, that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Talking about their upcoming year, Abbie and Helen also share their design styling advice.
We’re not Masters in our field, it would be a mistake for us to believe there is nothing left to learn! But we really love answering messages from social media followers and being asked for styling advice!” Says Helen.

Hoi Interiors believe that Interior Design is so much more than placing pretty objects around So they hope you can find some inspiration from our styling tips and mistakes to avoid!

No. 1 Accessories

Avoid overfilling your space with lots of tiny accessories, especially on coffee tables and sideboards etc. Lots of little objects can make things look very cluttered (not to mention the dust they collect!) Instead add in large pieces to break it all up! Don’t be intimidated by large accessories, they work great in any space! Don’t disregard the scale of your accessories and make sure to add in pieces with form and texture to give visual interest. Foliage (fresh or faux) is a great way to introduce ‘movement’ into your design and is a really good and cost effective way to play with colour! Don’t forget to give your home some ‘breathing space’. You don’t have to fill every space with something, a few blank walls and un-styled furniture gives your eyes resting time.

No. 2 Height and Scale

Try to avoid keeping everything to one level. Low level seating, low level lighting & low level storage are too much together and can make the largest of spaces appear cramped. Make the most of your wall space and go up! You can create height in many ways, from lamps to mirrors and even pieces of art which can lift your walls and introduce another dimension into your visual scale. You will instantly feel the space is more balanced and your furniture and accessories will feel more in scale with the room.

No. 3 Trends

Our most visited topic, Trends. Just like fashion, interior trends come in and go out in a flash! As a consumer nation, it’s hard not to buy into the latest craze! But when the costs start mounting up, then before you know it, it’s changed again and you’re left with a ‘dated’ look! Try and let your personality shine through in the overall aesthetic. Ask yourself ‘Am I buying this because I love it OR because everyone else is buying it?’ Avoid buying different versions of the same thing and focus on sourcing furniture and accessories that are more transitional. Many designers both in fashion and interiors are famed for their staple piece. From the Burberry Trench coat to Philippe Starck for Kartell Ghost chair. These are key transitional pieces which will be around forever and in this era this is something I think will stay.

No. 4 Colour

Everyone has a favourite colour. Whether you like to wear it or fill your home with it. Colour is what we use to express ourselves. As a general rule, we stick to a pallet of 4 colours on each individual project but use the multiple tones of each colour throughout each design within furniture, furnishing and accessories. It’s great to introduce a staple piece of furniture in a bold colour, so don’t be afraid of things such as jet black velvet for your sofa or console table painted in royal blue! Ensure there are plenty of natural elements to your scheme too.

We love the use of natural wood and wicker, not only does it give an organic feel to your home, but it adds depth and texture to your colour scheme by breaking up ‘blocks’ of colour with natural material”. They advise keeping the base structure of your scheme neutral, that way if you do fancy a change around, it’s not costly and can usually be done with the simple introduction of new cushions or throws. If your space needs a little change around, we recommend ‘taking it back to basics’ it may seem daunting, but stripping back a room to just its furniture, then slowly adding furnishings and accessories back in, will give you a feeling of a completely new scheme!

For all interior design and property development related enquiries, please email [email protected] or see online.

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