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Home Skin Care: Face Masks

by Lis-Marie Liden

So I have started to emerge from my Snow White-esque existence in my garden with all the creatures that reside there, my skin has never been this pampered before and I think lockdown gave me this time to focus on me. But here I now finding myself back amongst the people and the polluted air of our everyday lives….with the pandemic silently looming in the background, we now have to wear face coverings and some fabrics can really take a toll on your skin. Breakouts and congested pores to name a few. So how lucky am I to still have some nice face masks to review and also keep my skin to the level it has now become accustomed to.

Face masks are my favourite because you can put them on and then continue doing whatever it was you were doing…eating, reading…eating some more, probably drinking something bubbly as well.

The very first one I tried makes me happy! It’s the Alive Prebiotic Balancing mask from Algenist. Gorgeous pastel jar with a minty green cream inside, but this is not your usual “put it on and wait mask” no, this one changes colour as you apply, letting you know when you have massaged it in properly. It goes from mint to pink! Like magic.

It’s vegan prebiotic and probiotic, the mask rebalances, detoxifies and hydrates. And in such a fun way. Absorbed easily and you’re skin feels smooth and hydrated afterwards.

The next mask is from Emulsion and is a gorgeous rich clay mask. It’s completely unfragranced for those of us who just want to keep it simple. It’s filled with kaolin, shea butter and Argan oil supporting all skin types. But it doesn’t have to stop there. You see you can make it personalised if you will by adding Essential Oil blends to it, which then brings it to a completely other level. So from being a nice enough moisturising mask you can make it a strengthening mask, brightening mask, revitalising mask, it goes on. How clever is that!

I also tried the Intense De-Stress Masque from Jane Scrivner Masquerade, it won silver in the Beauty Bible Awards 2019 and I see why. It comes in a beautiful chic and super shelf worthy packaging but we need to know if what’s inside is going to support my now slightly stressed skin. It’s rich in Vitamins and essential fatty acids, Omega 6 and 9 to help repair and regenerate. It holds great antioxidants and antimicrobial properties to help repair. And like a scrumptious cherry on top it will soften and calm your skin. Use this weekly and your skin will thank you, I know mine did. You will find french clay inside, Hazel which tightens pores, I didn’t know that, Rose Hip and Vanilla, all with amazing properties to pamper your skin.

For the ultimate skin care routine Jane Scrivner has a brilliant five a day course, much like how you would concentrate on a healthy lifestyle through diet for instance, she offers this way of life for your skin as well.

Sheet masks are fairly new to me and I think I’m falling for them, truly. It’s a clever idea to just put this mask drenched in all its goodness on your skin and leave it there to then when removing it massage in the product that’s left behind to allow it all to be absorbed.

I have ventured into the amazing Korean beauty department thanks to Miin Cosmetics and Lone Design Club. Not only did I receive a vast bundle of sheet masks for every mood and weather but I was also treated to The Korean skincare bible, a book that will undoubtedly teach me all the secrets to Korean beauty.

The packaging of these sheet masks are inspiring on their own, one of my favourite ones must be the Ultra Floral Leaf Mask, it’s a two step creation. It’s a brightening mask which is good for the mature yet young for her age woman like myself who just need to tend to some pigmentations and such that has probably resulted from some great beach parties in younger years on the islands of Indonesia. It’s rejuvenating, illuminating and will minimise those lines of mine. The great part about this two step mask is it comes with two flower shaped patches that you would place on the area of most concern, forehead or maybe lines around the eyes. The ingredients will then treat this area specifically. Then after this is done you move on to the sheet mask and put this on top of the flower patches, don’t remove them! And 10-20-minutes later you remove the mask and patches, massage the remaining serum into your skin and voila! Done.

If anything I know my skin is ready to bounce back to this new normal thanks to these face masks.


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