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Home Skin Care: Face Peels

by Lis-Marie Liden

I remember my very first face peel, it was not anywhere near what they are like today. I think I bought it off the shelf at a department store but I remember it being something that was cool at the time and I had no idea what it actually was for, and also my young skin probably didn’t need it then. Anyway I have now understood the importance of just giving your skin a new lease of life with the help of face peels. And oh what a range there is now, overnight peels, mousse peels, scrub peels and peel masks. I have tried them all just for you, and also for me I’m not going to lie. But I also have two tools that are aiding in the renewal of your skin and they do not need to be washed off or left on and you can use them over and over again.

The first product is from Filorga, a brand I’m quickly beginning to fall for, they have a Scrub and Detox Intense Purity foam exfoliator. It looks almost like exquisite black caviar when you open the frosted jar just a little bit smoother. This product has a double action way to it, you can massage it in to your skin with circular movements helping to exfoliate and smoothen your skin and then you leave it on for 2-3 minutes which will detoxify your skin leaving you with a healthy glow. The foam also leaves you with a protective film, non sticky, to protect your skin throughout the day.

Many of us know about Apple Cider vinegar as something we should drink, but Jane Scrivner has a product that allows its properties to aid the renewal of your skin. The Jane Scrivner Skinfoliator is 100% natural and organic, filled with great ingredients to stimulate cell renewal. It helps to decongest and clear your skin but also to boost elasticity and collagen. You simply put some of the face peel on a cotton pad and wipe over your face, neck and why not your décolletage. Once you have allowed your skin to get used to it weekly you can even use it day and night for best results.

The Clairal Night Peel from SVR is maybe my favourite in the ways of application. It has a brush attached to it and you simply squeeze product out and it distributes in the bristles, you then go on to painting your face with product and massage in whatever is left on the skin. It’s non itchy and non sticky which is important as this is an overnight treatment. This overnight peel reduces brown pigmentation spots or age spots if you will. It helps your skin recover from daily solution and restores evens and radiance.

SVR has also created a Micro-Peeling mousse which holds Optimised Vitamin C. Simply shake the bottle and press the mousse out in the palm of your hand and then massage into your skin, leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing. If you feel your skin looks tired then this is the product for you.

OK, so those are the face peels and mousses, but I was also treated to two items that are great for exfoliating or preparing the skin but not necessarily in a peel form.

The first one is from This Is Silk and is in the shape of a Silk Cleansing Cloth. Made from 100% Silk and a texture of muslin cloth. These will gently exfoliate and smoothen your skin. Machine washable and reusable and fully biodegradable, which was music to my ears. I use them straight after I have washed my face or gotten out of the shower, you simply wet the cloth in warm water. Let the cloth rest on your face first to open the pores. They recommend you have a cleansing balm but I personally use it after having washed all my makeup off or after a face peel. I wrap the cloth around my fingers and massage my face gently with it, I do feel like it is exfoliating in a very effective way.

OK so the last item is the No Mo-Stache stainless steel blade which doesn’t fit in the exfoliator family as such but it helps remove those short fuzzy hairs we often find on our chin or above your lip, or maybe to tidy up your brow game. It glides easily over the skin and literally sweeps away all that peach fuzz! Just be careful, it might look cute but it carries a sharp blade inside.

Thanks to these face peels and tools my skin is now, soft, exfoliated, radiant, renewed and fuzz free – my canvas is ready.


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