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Home Skin Care: Serums

by Lis-Marie Liden

The world of face serums is vast and exciting. Serums should be a natural part of your skin care routine, first we cleanse, then we prep and then we moisturise. A serum can have many different jobs but in essence they’re there to help lock-in moisture. Serums can help with brightening, anti ageing and hydration. Some that have a specific set up I suppose can be used on their own however they are meant, more likely, to be used as a base before your moisturiser. Most serums hold an array of antioxidants and vitamins delivering a more concentrated dose of nutrients for your skin.

I have given these serums each a bit of time to see how my skin reacts to them, in average it takes about seven weeks for you to see the the full response on your skin, so don’t fret if you didn’t wake up with a face looking 10 years younger after day two, in all honesty that would freak me out. But if you’re lucky you might see a more hydrated skin after roughly a week.

Let’s dive right in shall we.

I have tried five different serums for you, but let’s start with a brand that I have mentioned before and was very happily surprised, SVR. They also sent me a serum that is a seven day retexturing retinol anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle serum called Ampoule Lift for sensitive skin. Gosh that was a lot of goodness to take in wasn’t it, but having that said I love it and I do feel that my skin needed it. I learned from researching this serum that ageing skin is so much more than just lines and wrinkles. Many have been noticing irregularities on their skin and this serum really helps with this. It’s filled with two forms of Vitamin A, which is Retinol, one is concentrated at 0.1% and encapsulated at 0.2% these are released differently to achieve a smoother more lifted skin. It’s a very smooth formula that is absorbed beautifully easy into your skin.

Next up is the Advanced Anti-Ageing Repair Oil from Algenist and yes you guessed it by the name it actually contains microalgae oil which gives you the performance of a serum but in an oil form. Oils are a tricky thing for me as it can sometimes come off as slightly sticky and take its time to really get absorbed by my skin but this was not a problem here. It comes in this luxurious golden bottle which just oozes chicness. Apply 3-4 drops on a cleansed face morning and night to achieve a replenished and smoother skin.

Now we have all heard about this popular kid on the block, the Stem cell. This is something that has become very popular in the field of regenerating new healthy skin cells and this in turn gives your skin a new lease of life if you would. I had the pleasure to try the Anti Ageing Stem Cell Regenerator Serum from The Healing Hut, this is a bio-active regenerating serum that stimulates your own skin stem cells which creates a smooth and firm new skin. The fragrance is amazing and so cheerful and it’s 100% natural which is always a plus.

Another ingredient that keeps popping up around town is Hemp Seed Oil, I have tried The Power of Ten Face Oil by Kyushi which holds Hemp seed oil, Argan Oil and many more very interesting and natural oils. It’s a small bottle so it won’t take up much space, it is also fragrance free which sometimes can be quite nice. I love how on the bottle in the instruction area it tells you to “Take a moment and pause, place three drops into the palm of your handstand rub together, take three deep breaths to oxygenate your body” so true is it not? Take that short moment and just focus on you and massage the oil gently onto your face, neck and even lips. It’s very suited for people with sensitive skin and even around the very tricky eye area, many times I see people rubbing creams and serums on like there’s no tomorrow and all I can think is “please be careful, dab it in, tread lightly, less is more”.

Last but not least is my current “to go to” product when I just want to have that healthy glow and potentially go makeup free. It’s not really a serum and it kind of belongs in a category of its own, I am talking about the FILORGA Lift-Structure Radiance from FILORGA. It’s a gorgeous rose gold cream that in turn gives your skin a beautiful glow. This cream uses something called a Chroma-youth 3T technology that performs in three stages. It starts with regulation of uneven skin tone by a colour control complex fighting away irregularities on the skin like hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Then the Goji berries activate the skin’s radiance and gives moisture. And last but not least and probably one of the reasons I love this so much is that it releases illuminating pearlescent particles giving  brighter looking skin. But it doesn’t just look good it also firms and sculpts your skin, fills fine lines and helps tighten, plump and smoothen ageing skin.

So in your skincare regime don’t forget the humble serum, it is such an easy product to put on and feel like you look refreshed and perfectly glowing and it helps your other products be absorbed, so what’s not to love?


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