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Hotel Sezz, Paris


I came to Paris for love. I got men’s fashion.

I found myself alone in my hotel room, in the kitsch grey and black sleek Hotel Sezz, in the 16th arondissment by the Seine. It was 6pm. I hadn’t really made plans; I just came to Paris for an escape from the London scene for a night.

The Hotel Sezz is a modern boutique hotel, near the Passy metro, a stone’s throw away from the Louvre on a quiet street in one of Paris’s chicest neighborhoods. It has the only Veuve Cliquot bar in Paris and a mini steamy spa with a tiny darkened pool and steam room.

My room had beautiful windows overlooking the quiet neighborhood and the hotel greeted me with chocolates and a glass of red. After the most sumptuous bubble bath using their Aqua di Parma bath products and their Hotel Sezz branded yellow duck, I was ready for some Parisian mischief.

I called my fashion friends who were in town – one being my most beloved Parisian socialite and fashion stylist Zohaer and my fashion designer friend James. In perfect gentlemanly fashion (no pun intended), they called me a car and I popped over to the Hotel Amour for conversations about lost loves over a bottle of pomerol.

We then headed over to Pigalle for the Mikado folk-style fashion show, hosted and styled by Zohaer, and watched a delightful too cool for school art house fashion film which was more beautiful then sensical. The finale was a parade of Mikado’s latest men’s fashion collections on catwalk models.

Bumping into a few fashion designer friends from Turkey, we grabbed them and popped over to the sexy Hotel Costes. Sexy is quite definitely the right word for it.

A request was made that we check out the David Lynch-style Club Silencio on the rue Montmartre, which is a chic exclusive members clubs whose guests include the likes of Kanye West, supermodels, and A-listers.

I must say, being the PR Director of Mexican-den styled nightclub Tonteria in London, Club Silencio is the most beautifully designed bar I have ever seen. Gilded in gold, with tiny magical rooms with amazing lighting, interior design detail and even a glassed Japanese-looking bamboo smoking room – I was impressed.


We had a couple of mojitos which were topped off with fresh sprinkles of peppermint leaves. Also on the bar were an array of fresh ingredients which included lavender, mint, and rhubarb sticks.

James was the most generous gentleman and date for my evening that night, and suggested we head off to Le Baron for their New York New York party. We bustled through a heaving flock of 50+ male models to the front, cut the queue, and headed into the slim corridor of Le Baron to the dance area. In a sea of male beauties, I was one of the few women there, dancing to hip hop music. The Le Baron signature champagne cocktail in Paris was recommended by James and he was quite right in saying that it has the freshest strawberry puree.

The next morning, I was served a lovely breakfast at The Hotel Sezz, in bed with my robe on, windows open to the fresh breeze. The lovely staff at The Hotel Sezz even kindly let me keep the rubber duckie and a branded Hotel Sezz umbrella for my trip back to London.

The Hotel Sezz is perfect for a sexy weekend retreat and I would definitely recommend it. Shame I didn’t have a French lover…

Hotel Sezz
6 Avenue Frémiet
75016 Paris


  • Lady Charlotte Lynham

    Lady Charlotte was born into a world of luxury; brought up in the treasure troves of the National Gallery she later went on to work for some of the most prestigious luxury houses in the world including LVMH and Christies. A self-confessed Francophile, her signature tipple being champagne, she is rarely seen without a glass (or bottle). As an international Lady of mystery she jets from continent to continent sipping cocktails and, BRICS in tow, refuses to travel anything but 1st Class. Lady Charlotte is also an avid skier, horse rider and adventure seeker.

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