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HydraFacial at Epilium & Skin

by Lis-Marie Liden

So I have finally had my very first facial! I am serious people, I have not had a facial in my life. I don’t know why and now I am quite surprised it took me this long. About time right!? And now after having the HydraFacial I might be hooked.

I had my HydraFacial at Epilium & Skin, which is a medical beauty clinic on George Street, a small walk behind Selfridges. It originates from France where it’s been treating clients for over 15 years and is now available to us here in London beautifully located in the French Quarters no less.

I loved the reception area, not too big but big enough, simple colours and beautiful art work on the walls. Available here is an amazing list of treatments such as laser hair removal, anti-wrinkle injections, Cool Sculpting and even tattoo removal amongst many more on including the HydraFacial. The clinic has a strong focus on ways to restore natural beauty by helping clients look rejuvenated and fresh through both natural ‘tweakments” as they call it, or surgical procedures but still making it look subtle and natural.

At reception I meet Talia who welcomed me as soon as I came in with a smile and she took such good care of me all throughout the treatment. She asked me about my skin care routine and I know it’s lacking but this gave her a good idea of what she has to work with.

This time of year it’s normal to have dry skin but I only use moisturiser in the evenings so I think my poor skin was parched. I think what I like the most about Talia was that she was so friendly and fun, very easy going but still knowledgeable and professional.

I had a completely open minded as I’m so new to this, but to have an idea as to what I was going to have done I had looked at their video explaining the steps of the HydraFacial, which allowed me to see what the tools and the machine would look like. Talia made sure to talk me through each step, a HydraFacial is overall a treatment that is performed using a device to cleanse and exfoliate, then uses specific serums to support the skin.

The first step is to cleanse and peel to uncover a fresh new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing. The treatment then moves on to removing dirt from the pores with painless suction followed by an intense moisturiser; I think this was my favourite part because I could feel all that dirt being sucked away. The last step is to protect the skin by adding antioxidants and peptides to maximise your glow.

I mentioned slightly earlier that I normally have very dry skin, and let’s face it I’m not a as young as I once was which means I have lines and wrinkles from all kinds of expressions life has given me. Not to mention daily pollution from just stepping outside and then there is sun damage! Straight after the treatment I could see a prominent improvement on my skin. It looked fuller and rejuvenated!

I came out looking a little red but this was all due to the treatment helping the blood travel to the surface of my skin with the help of vacuum. My skin felt softer and I could tell my nose and forehead especially had really become better in terms of minimising visible pores and adding smoothness. I found myself checking my skin out in every mirror I passed.  I feel ten years younger after my Hydrafacial, I hope to be able to return and treat myself to another pamper session soon at Epilium & Skin; I am indeed now a facial convert!

For more information on the Hydrafacial see online.

Epilium & Skin
25-27 George Street

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