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by Lis-Marie Liden

Even with the British weather being what it is right now and summer descending fast, I am personally focusing on my upcoming Italian holiday to give me an extra sunshine fix. I have got my hands on a gorgeous range from Iconic London that will ensure I have the perfect summer glow. I tried six products to try ranging from an extensive eyeshadow palette to Iconic London Illuminator for that cheekbone glow. Presentation is so important and these products are all kept safe in simple yet impactful packaging, the kind that is perfectly display worthy.

After having my base set, I went straight for the Iconic London Prep-Set-Go spray, I chose to use it after my base but it can also be used before. Something that I found myself doing, mostly because it felt so refreshing, was spraying it onto my newly washed face on one of those “I’m not leaving the house because I have deadlines” days. This product comes in two shades – one that is just a tad shimmery and one that will boost that summer glow just a bit extra. It’s not just for the glow of it, it is also a product that helps treat your skin. It’s rich with antioxidants, green tea and vitamin E. Spray it on your face before going to bed to help revitalise your skin.

Right so we have the prep down, so let’s go glow!For my eyes I chose the Sunset to Sunrise Eyeshadow palette with twenty gorgeous colours to choose from, all ranging from the more earthy colours all the way to yellows and purples. My eyes are dark brown and I tend to either go towards a shimmery pink or bronze to a purple so that’s where I went. They are highly pigmented, ranging from matt choices to glittery and shimmery ones. Very soft and easy to work with, I wasn’t struggling to blend and keep it from spreading, which is usually the reason I never wear darker pigments (I usually end up looking like I have a black eye – it’s not a desired look!).

I am blessed with a pretty good cheekbone structure and I do love to flaunt them, so I decided I would highlight them with the Iconic London Illuminator, a concentrated liquid shimmer. This clever product can be used in so many ways, blend it with your moisturiser, primer and foundation or even just as contouring. I simply just added a small drop to each cheekbone and blended, it’s subtle but powerful which is exactly what I personally prefer. I also learned that a little touch of this under the edges of my eyebrows really lifted my look.The next product is something that I decided to just use all over, because it looks absolutely amazing. It is the Iconic London Luminous Powder – in the original colour – and to apply this, the most gorgeous piece of them all, the Pro Puff. This face and body brush looks like something taken from Art Deco times with its lush bristles and rose gold handle. Super soft and perfect to use when applying the Luminous Powder for an all over glow. The powder can be used everywhere, face, chest, arms – you name it. I even decided to add some to my legs when trying to bring summer back to London until I depart for Italy.

This is a summer package that will ensure the perfect top to toe glow. Find details of these products and others on the Iconic London website.


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