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INEOS Sanitiser Dispenser

by Yemi Edwards

The new today consists of everyone donning masks and frequently hand washing. INEOS Hygienics produce hand sanitizers that are trusted by doctors, their range also includes antibacterial wipes and surface sprays. Over the last year cupboards would be home to batches of sanitizing paraphernalia to tackle the Covid-19 fight. The INEOS Sanitiser Dispenser is a Swiss engerineed, touchless hand sanitizing device that gives the home a super stylish, easy option to the war on Covid-19 and other bacteria.

The sanitizing machine is available in four bold colours with a sleek finish. The device can be used as a stand alone or wall mounted, with the required contents to achieve this. In the box there is a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with a USB lead for charging. The sanitizing solution is hospital grade providing 99.9% effectiveness in killing viruses and bacteria with 300ml of solution in a cartridge that is then placed into the dispenser casing. You will also find a graphic sticker of a hand for the device to point to where to dispense. Even the packaging boasts sophistication as the dispenser sits in a sleek flip box with hand illustrated instructions to guide you through assembly to your first use. 

The INEOS Dispenser is a perfect addition to our home. At first I did feel upon opening the box that it looked quite a technical, so I admit I put it off for a few days, hoping my husband would be able to put it together for me. But as time went on, I decided to go ahead and start protecting the home as planned. Looking at the box with more determination, I quickly learned my fear was frivolous. The illustration was straightforward and not as daunting as I first thought. Within 3 mins I managed to put the contents together and was very delighted with the achievement!The dispenser is placed at the front door upon a ledge. This means that upon entry, it is the first port of call and with the touchless function, it is a fast way to disinfect hands after an outing. The touchless feature adds an extra reassurance to the fight against the spread of germs. For my children who return from school, it is ideal because they are more inclined to use the device than to run up the stairs to wash their hands on demand. I also love having the dispenser at the front door for when I collect parcels. Though washing hands is the best way to kill germs, knowing that I am using a product that is supplied to hospitals gives me a reassurance that most of the germs that I would have had contact with are reduced with this quick and simple gesture.

It does not just stop at providing protection of germs in the home, INEOS Sanitizers are available for offices and other commercial venues. The tall stand feature allows the workplace to be a germ free area. The dispenser provides ample amount of protection with a 1500ml cartridge within the unit and is convenient to maintain hygiene standards in a busy work setting. I am certainly impressed by this device as a busy mum and can see its multiple benefits in a shared environment like an office. Unlike other options on the market it is sleek, well designed, hands free and easy to use so what is not to love?

INEOS Dispensers for the home can be purchased online with a cost of around £179 and are available in silver, red, cream, and black. 


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