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Instant Effects for New Year Skin

by Hayley Sparkes

The beauty industry is flooded with thousands upon thousands of products all tempting us to buy them, in the hope that they will help us to look younger, brighter and more radiant. There is so much jargon with regards to what each product will do for you, from anti-ageing, soothing, moisturising, to name just a few, but what does this all really mean? Richard Mears worked as a beauty formulator for over 25 years creating products for some of the UK’s best-known brands and making bespoke beauty products for A-List celebrities. After becoming frustrated that many of the products he was being asked to create could not deliver on what they promised on the packaging, Richard set out to create a range of his own. The ethos behind Richard’s independent British skincare brand Instant Effects, is all about putting quality over profitability, and creating products that are clinically proven to deliver the exceptional results exactly as promised on the packaging. The Instant Effects mission is to provide expert skincare at an affordable price. Everything in the range is also cruelty free, which I absolutely love!

Not only do they deliver results you can see with your own eyes the very first time you use them, the results are also cumulative and further develop over time. Richard spent close to one million pounds independently clinically testing every single product in the Instant Effects range. Every claim made on the packaging of each product is proven, so the customer knows exactly what each product will achieve for them and their skin.

Every product within the range has been specifically designed by Richard, combining his years of knowledge and expertise to target multiple skin issues, to offer the best possible solution to skincare concerns, keeping skin looking youthful and radiant for longer. All products within the Instant Effects range are paraben free, cruelty free and suitable for vegans. There are currently 9 products in the Instant Effects family.

First up, my personal favourite is the 3D Lip Plump, which delivers 20% fuller lips in just 2 minutes. The 3D lip plumping treatment, not only increases the volume of the lips, it smooths fine lines and adds definition to the lip line and cupids bow. This clever product also enhances your own natural lip colour. For me, my lips turn a brighter pink shade, as if I am wearing a pretty lipstick. The plumping effect lasts for four days, and each application will keep lips hydrated for 12 hours. The hydration boost is beneficial, as it helps to increase the wear time of lipstick. I have personally tried many lip plumping treatments over the years, and they usually work by creating a bee-sting effect on the lips. The 3D lip plump from Instant Effects increases natural oxygen flow to the lips, with no aggravation or sting, it just feels as though you are applying a clear light gloss or balm to the lips. I also like that the formula is not in any way sticky or tacky! It takes just 2 minutes following the application for lips to increase in volume, the first time I tried this, I really was amazed at how effective this was for me, it is something I now recommend to all of my friends. You can either leave it on for a glossy look, or remove after 2 minutes and use your normal lip liner and lipstick.

Another product that I can’t stop telling friends about is the lash and brow volumizer. I have had so many people ask me about how I manage to achieve such long thick lashes, I have to share my secret, because it is down to this product! From the first application, after just two minutes, lashes are 20% thicker. It works straight away, and you can see the results for yourself in the mirror. After two weeks continuous use, this highly advanced serum will create lashes that will be 20% longer and 40% thicker. You can check out some of the incredible before and after results by visiting their website.

I have worked in the beauty industry for over 10 years now, and one of the most common complaint I hear from both men and women, is that they hate having dark circles, and tired, puffy eyes. Instant eye lift serum dramatically reduces puffiness and dark circles in 15 mins, with even more visible results achieved after a full hour. Wrinkles are clinically proven to reduce by 21%, and one application provides 24 hours of hydration. Firmness of the skin increases significantly with cumulative effects over time. A combination of natural plant extracts, Vitamin C and patented OX2® Oxygen Transfer Technology works fast to erase fine lines, leaving skin smoother, firmer and intensely hydrated. OX2® pumps oxygen into the skin therefore increasing blood flow to the area and naturally plumping the skin while also stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. You can read some fantastic customer reviews on their website as well as completely untouched before and after photos. My boyfriend also swears by this product, so much so he sent in a before and after photo that the company now use on Instagram.

One of the areas to first show the signs of ageing is the neck, and this is an area that can often be forgotten about within our skincare regime. Richard formulated a highly innovative anti-ageing rejuvenating serum, developed to hydrate and tighten the delicate skin around the neck and chest.  I use this every evening, and I take it up into the nape of the neck (apparently this is really important as it has the knock of effect of keeping the skin under the jawline taught) the formula contains botanical extracts of marigold, horse chestnut and liquorice to soothe the skin and improve microcirculation. There are some amazing before and after photos of the results online. I am hoping this will help reduce the sun damage on my chest, which is one of the claims the company makes, based on their scientific studies.

I have been so impressed by my experience using Instant Effects. For once in my life it really feels like I can see the changes in my skin, and I really feel I have been sold products that actually work, rather than just sold a ‘dream’ in a bottle or jar. The best way to judge the results is for yourself – view and shop the complete range online.


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