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Interview with Georgios Tzenichristos


After my Meso-CRF® Body treatment I chatted with Georgios Tzenichristos of Lipotherapeia about his expertise, the therapies and trends within the cosmetic surgery industry:

1. What made you want to train in skin and body therapies?

It is not something that I pursued specifically, it just happened. I used to work as a nutritionist and sports therapist and clients used to ask me about how to get rid of their cellulite. After a while I got interested, started researching, bought my first machine, then another and then several more. At some point I also started formulating creams to serve my clients better, which again grew and evolved over the last 15 years.

2. How did you come across the combination of ingredients and technologies used in your Meso-CRF Body treatment?

I have been studying, researching and working hands-on with cellulite for 17 years now, so over the years I have assessed all the important machines on the market and gradually I learned what really works and what doesn’t. The same applies to the active ingredients. While I was developing the Celluence anti-cellulite creams, I assessed 400 actives and tried in the lab more than 160. I tend to look at both the available research and also real results with clients at the clinic to make my decisions about machines and ingredients.

3. How does the treatment work and why is it so effective?

Cellulite is a multi-faceted aesthetic condition, which means that no single approach can work effectively. Meso-CRF Body combines the two strongest skin tightening / anti-cellulite technologies (high intensity radiofrequency and cavitation) with multiple active ingredients. The combination of two technologies and several actives acts on multiple aspects of cellulite, for best results.

4. Does the Meso-CRF Body treatment work for all skin types, genders and ages? Is there anyone n particular that would see more benefits from the treatment?

The treatment works on all skin types but can only be applied on women, as we use a special applicator that is not suitable for coarse body hair. The treatment is less effective after the age of 60, as the body responds much slower to any slimming / firming procedure. The best results are seen by motivated women who also make an effort with healthy eating, exercise and alcohol avoidance while receiving the treatments.

5. Are you planning to launch any new therapies and if so what will they be?

We plan to launch a brand new ultrasound treatment next year, as well as new iterations of the existing treatment, with new actives and improved technology.


6. We understand you plan to relaunch your home care products. Can you tell us more about them and what active ingredients make them so effective?

We plan to launch both body and face skincare products next year, based on about ten well-researched active ingredients. The current anti-cellulite creams contain 40(!) natural actives, which makes the products a bit expensive. The idea is to concentrate on ten of those amazing actives, for focused action and more economical prices.

7. What do you think of plastic surgery? With all the advances in technology do you think it is possible to achieve the same or better anti aging or body modifying results with cosmetic surgery?

Liposuction has its place for extreme fat volume, for which no non-surgical treatment can really work. However, it also leaves scars, makes cellulite look worse and can leave skin loose. “Tummy tuck” surgery and some types of butt lift/thigh lift surgery are quite often the only solution to extreme skin laxity, but large unsightly scars are the trade-off. There are also three types of “cellulite surgery” but in most cases they make things worse than before. In summary, for cellulite, for small amounts of fat and for mild skin looseness, a good non-surgical treatment is the best option. For larger amounts of fat and very saggy skin, surgery is the only option. In all cases, surgery just removes and cuts away, but it does nothing to improve the quality of the skin. Non-Surgical treatments, on the other hand, aim to tighten the skin itself and improve its quality (collagen/elastin structure).

8. Do you think that there is a shift in trend within the cosmetic industry to use more natural ingredients? Do you think this trend will grow as new information and technologies are developed?

There is a clearly growing trend for naturals and I can only see this getting bigger. People move away from harsh chemicals and prefer to buy skincare products with more natural and softer ingredients. However, as it always happens, there is a lot of hype and misinformation, with many products claiming to be “rich” in a specific “fashionable” natural ingredient, when in reality the may contain as little as 0.1% of that active. And most people cannot really know the difference.

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