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Interview with Jewellery Designer Chloe Moss


Young and free-spirited Chloe Moss discovered Bali at the age of 21 and was inspired by the people and their culture. With a keen eye for symbols and the philosophies behind them Chloe was keen to represent these in the form of charms to adorn the most original and charming jewellery.

Fast-forward 13 years and ChloBo is now a favoured jewellery brand of the likes of Cheryl Cole, Ellie Goulding and Fearne Cotton. From necklaces to bracelets, earrings to pendants the personality of the ChloBo collection represents true harmony between far away notions and contemporary style.

Editor Lady Charlotte got the chance to interview Founder and Designer Chloe Moss recently on what inspires her and how she sees the jewellery industry developing.


What does the name “ChloBo” mean?

ChloBo has been my nickname ever since I was a young girl, it only felt right that I named my brand ChloBo. It also has linked meaning with the word Boho, as we’re a bohemian brand.

What inspired you to create a jewellery brand?

I went travelling the world years ago and ended up in Bali. I ended up staying for months and was so inspired by the craftsmanship and the handmade jewellery there. I thought ‘I can do this’ and that’s how ChloBo began!

Can you please describe your process for making a new collection?

All my collections are inspired by my travels and experiences, so the inspiration starts there, picking out colours and symbols from the trips I go on. For example, Cherabella was influenced heavily by my sound healing trip in Devon last year. From that, I like to create mood boards to help inspire me and pick out meanings, and after that, the design team and I sketch up different designs and we work closely with a CAD designer who brings the pieces to life. It’s a long process and things are constantly changed along the way so I’m 100% happy with the end product.

What symbols do you use in your necklaces and stacks and why?

We have a range of necklaces which have a range of interchangeable pendants, so depending on your mood or outfit, it can be changed! A lot of the symbols are very bohemian such as the Tree of Life, Hamsa hand and Peace sign. My personal favourite is the Tassel which distracts negativity.

Which charities are you involved with and why?

We always support charities through offering raffle prizes, and over the years have donated 100’s of prizes. We also designed several limited edition bracelets for Claire House hospice which raised over £10,000 for the charity.

What do you think of sustainability in fashion and what do you do to promote this within your brand?

I think sustainable fashion is really important – it’s better for us (the consumer), the environment, and the quality is so much better. As a company, all our pieces are handmade here in the UK by a dedicated team, a large percentage of the charms we design are from Birmingham therefore reducing carbon footprint.  We also recycle all rubbish in the office and try to stay as environmentally friendly as we can!

For more information on ChloBo see online.

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