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Interview with Maison Lejaby

by Lady Charlotte Lynham

What with this year mostly being spent at home in loungewear the concept of underwear has somewhat gone out of the window. However, thanks to this new trend, I have found myself more and more interested in underwear that is less restrictive including bralettes and underwear made out of sustainable and natural materials that provide comfort, whether wearing clothes or not. This is where I came across luxury underwear brand Maison Lejaby. This beautiful French brand make both underwear and swimwear but it was their ranges such as Nufit and La Petite Lejaby that really made me more intrigued by this brand and that lead to this interview. We spoke to Maison Lejaby about their designs, sustainability and also how they have pivoted their business following COVID19. For more information on this brand see their website.

Do you think becoming more ethical and sustainable is important in the fashion industry with so much fast fashion?

It’s close to our heart and part of our DNA. Maison Lejaby promotes ethical and sustainable practices and collections (la petite lejaby, Pas de deux, Norma Jean swimwear) and our personality embraces a kinder, understated approach. Our customer trust is built on products that last and an honest, transparent approach.

What is in the future for Maison Lejaby and do you have any exciting new launches in the pipeline?

We are very excited for the future! Our Secret Garden spring 21 collection will launch at the end of the year and we’ve a fantastic activewear line with details to follow.

What does Maison Lejaby stand for and what sets you apart from other underwear brands?

We’ve been established for 90 years (it’s our anniversary this year) and built our legacy on superbly crafted intimates that create a sensational fit. We’re know for our innovation and these elements together are what sets us apart

Do you think comfort is more important than style or do you think brands can achieve both?

Comfort is paramount to us and our customers. At the House of Lejaby we feel both can be achieved and that’s the reassurance a woman has when she buys a ML item

How do you decide on each seasons designs and collections?

Creativity is vital to us, but our focus is always on our customer and she lets us know what she loves and seeks from the brand. We are proud to be International and always pursue innovation based on the designs offering the aforementioned comfort and Lejaby craft. We can illustrate the point with the post-operative Adage bra, new this autumn. We imagined it with women who have had cancer to create this adapted bra, which is vital to their post surgery journey.Where do you produce your underwear and why is it important to be able to trace production?

Our collections are produced in fully accredited factories that meet the rigorous standards we set and also in our fully equipped workshop here in Lyon that operates at our Head Office. Key is that our factories have adopted eco-responsible commitments.

When did you launch your swimwear range?

1884 : birth of Rasurel. The swimwear brand was born in France on July 30, 1884.  In 2017, MAISON LEJABY called upon a new artistic director, Valérie Delafosse, to make the swimsuits and beachwear for the summer of 2018.

Why is a personal touch so important to women when shopping and how can you achieve this digitally?

The personal touch is very important and especially so when you are in engaged in such an intimate product. It’s of enormous benefit to women to be fitted and that is a personal experience with our experienced fitters and the delicate balance of assisting but not invading a customer’s privacy and then feeling empowered and confident with their purchase makes the personal touch vital. On the internet our DNA is embodied in the way we present the ranges and have designed our site and the model choices and handwriting. It emulates the spirit of our brand and enables the customer to feel trust.

Have you found the present economical situation has changed how people shop and if so how?

On an International level this is so, and we experienced greater custom at our digital sites.

What has Maison Lejaby done to pivot its business to work with these new shopping trends?

At MAISON LEJABY as in our production circuit, we carefully monitor every source of pollution, whether direct or indirect, low or high impact. We control our energy consumption, we adopt an approach to reduce textile waste. Our team carefully recycles all its consumables: glass, plastic or aluminium.  Respect for the environment, we think about it as soon as we choose the fibres that will compose our creations. MAISON LEJABY carefully selects the raw materials from which the pieces of lingerie are made. We use ancestral know-how to work with vegetable fibres and we favor the use of 100% recycled and recyclable yarn. For us, this is a truly inspiring playground: seeking materials in line with our environmental commitment. These resolutions have already given rise to special lines, including La Petite Lejaby, Norma Jeane and Pas De Deux.

We have taken the initiative to favour partners with a strong environmental conscience. Together, they and we are working to reduce the impact of our activities. 85% of our lace is French, 86% of our materials are from European suppliers such as Swiss embroidery, 100% of our collections are designed in Lyon. We select suppliers according the proximity and if they share the same values. Thanks to these partnerships, we now integrate OEKO-TEX certified materials in the making of our collections.

We are moving towards a responsible approach including everything concerning the  manufacture of our packaging. When we launched our Spring 21 collection this was as we came out of lockdown. We created a digital video of the collection from our Paris showroom and placed great emphasis on closeups of the fabrics and brought the range to life in this way. This was crucial when holding zoom meetings with buyers and received a positive response from our International community.


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