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IRISSS Eau de Parfum


There aren’t many objects of desire that make me want to slap myself twice to realise I am not caught up in a dream of uber-luxury and decadence. However, I recently came across haute Italian perfume house Xerjoff and their IRISSS Eau de Parfum, part of the 17/17 perfume collection which is so exclusive that Harrods, the rich man’s number one shopping destination in Europe, only has one bottle priced at a modest £32,000. Known as the Bugatti of the perfume world, it is made from the finest ingredients, such as Florentine Iris butter, the perfumers equivalent to diamonds, which is a mixture of florals such as rose absolute, jasmine, violet leaves and ylang ylang, as well as a woody tone of vetiver and cedarwood giving off a modern and vibrant scent.

The Xerjoff JX17/17 Collection – six scents inspired by the window cabinet of the Minerals and Semi-precious Stones area in London’s Natural History Museum – consists of a Stone Label Collection, a Quartz Collection with handcrafted quartz flacons embossed with 18-karat gold and decorated with rubies and a limited edition Murano Collection finished in 18-karat gold and presented on an ebony base with each crystalline flacon numbered and crowned with Xerjoff’s signature stopper All of these combine old world craftsmanship made using rare raw materials for the utmost luxury experience.

Visit the Xerjoff website to find out more. Available from Fortnum & Mason and Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie, Harrods.


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