When it comes to mobile phones many companies have gone above and beyond to create works of art. I have been a Apple iPhone user since iPhone 3 and have always admired the design, but there is a downside, the phones are fragile and as such require protective screens and cases to keep them in pristine condition (or risk a lot of insurance claims). Now despite many companies designing cases for iPhones most of them are not that attractive and considering the futuristic design of the iPhone the case never quite lives up to the design of the phone it protects. I was thrilled then to come across KHAMAMA, a visionary new brand focusing on avant-garde green luxury. KHAMAMA creates unique luxury accessories featured with sustainable butterfly wings in an effort to show the world the unrivalled beauty of the rainforests, and raise awareness of the dangers facing their biodiversity.

Butterfly art has never before been used in contemporary high-end accessories. It is the latest technological development in process and material science which enables KHAMAMA to take this rarely used craft finally to an advanced level. The KHAMAMA iPhone artefacts are created out of solid blocks of aeroplane-grade aluminium to be able to frame the butterfly wings. Their wing settings are always inspired by the individual specifications of each butterfly wing, which in turn creates some truly sublime iPhone case designs. Similar to cutting a gemstone, it is an intricate art to find the perfect pattern and design which enhance the iridescence of each single butterfly wing.

KHAMAMA Classic Collection_NEW

There are four different designs for the iPhone, available for iPhone 6S and 7 (including Plus), from the striking blue of the KHAMAMA BLUE 1874 to the muted iridescence of the KHAMAMA PEARL 1782 there is a style for everyone. I chose the KHAMAMA PSYCHEDELIC 1773 for my iPhone 7, its lavish colours are a celebration of sparkling gold, rich orange, light violet and luminous turquoise, while natural bands and flecks form a bold pattern, perfect I thought for standing out from the crowd! The KHAMAMA PSYCHEDELIC 1773 captures your attention and is the exotic essence of the colourful and thrilling tropics of Africa. The butterfly marquetry in the case is protected by a strong ultra-thin glass cover with a repellent coating improving optical clarity and the magnetic opening and closing mechanism ensures ease of use when putting in your phone. Inside of the KHAMAMA PSYCHEDELIC 1773 case the iPhone 7 lays on a soft artificial suede layer, thus protecting your delicate phone.


These cases make a real statement; elegant in design with a striking colourful display encased in a matt black surround. I have been asked many times about my phone case, it really is a head turner! But the case is not just a beautiful piece of design. KHAMAMA impacts society on a social and an environmental level. Butterfly farming is a completely organic form of agriculture that supports local farmers while actively preventing deforestation and protecting the wildlife of the tropics. A few square meters of space are sufficient for a butterfly farm that can support a whole family. These butterfly farms never have to be relocated and don’t endanger the soils fertility since butterfly food plants are natural and local plants. This allows indigenous people to grow their own business independently from large landowners, plantations and farms. As a result, these local people don’t have to burn down the precious rainforests anymore. This strong positive impact is why butterfly farms are, for example, supported by the University of Warwick and the UK Government through the Darwin Initiative.

KHAMAMA_Clutch_open_3 2

After KHAMAMA’s debut in winter 2016 with a collection of exclusive iPhone cases, the brand just announced the launch of a collection of Haute Couture Clutches in March 2017. These will be world’s very first clutches featuring butterfly wing art, which is also called “Haute Art de Papillon”. The Managing Director of KHAMAMA, Amos Hornstein, told me more about the inspiration when I meet him recently: “Butterfly wings are the most intricate and beautiful creations of nature. The iridescence of their wings is caused by nano-structures which cannot be created artificially and are utterly unique for each artefact. We are the first to bring this unmatched beauty of nature into the modern luxury world, to make people aware of it and understand why we need to preserve nature. In our quest to show and protect the beauty of world’s nature, we created KHAMAMA.”

La Maison KHAMAMA is based in the United Kingdom where their artisans create the magnificent artefacts with utmost dedication to detail and every KHAMAMA iPhone case and clutch is handmade with precision. KHAMAMA is an independent green luxury brand, and strongly believes both in sustainability and local manufacturing in England while supporting the butterfly farms in the tropics. My iPhone case is magnificent and I am thrilled that in using it I am also helping to protect against deforestation and protect the rainforests for the next generation. So beautifully designed pieces, that are made in Britain and that protect the rainforest: what’s not to love?

KHAMAMA designs are available on their website.


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