Las Dos Lunas

by Adam Attew

The Taxi dropped us off at 7:00pm, a very ‘Sensibly British’ time for dinner. However, as we entered Los Das Lunas it was barren and very, very quiet… it was then that we remembered we were in Spain where the party does not start until about 10:00pm. However, I am glad that we did come whilst the sun was still awake so that we could experience the beautiful walled gardens with their stunning spectrum of vibrant colours by daylight. The initial feel of the place is that of a Mexican Hacienda with its terracotta building, but as the sun retired for the day some kind of magic started to take place. The lights came on and the place started to feel more Moroccan mixed with the romance of a beautiful Italian garden. The gardens are thanks to Massimo Lucarini the Italian half of the couple who own Las Dos Lunas. Apparently no one else is allowed to touch the gardens other than Massimo, I have have to say I am glad that they do not. The gardens with their giant pink flowers enveloping the entire side of the building, the fruit trees and mass of meandering grapevines felt like they were putting their protective arms around this special little oasis. The place is decorated with all manners of art like the graffitied Mona Lisas, gigantic ceramic urns and all sorts of pieces of art and sculpture from various corners of the globe.

Aside from the visual feast that is Las dos Lunas, it is worth mentioning that our ears were suitably gratified. The playlist that ran throughout the evening could be released as ‘The World’s Best Music to Dine To’. The choices were random as well as eclectic and they had us holding our phones up to the speaker ‘shazaming’ regularly, with tracks as varied as the 60’s ‘Theme from a Summer Place’, 90’s chilled/rainforest ‘Boheme’, classical ‘Waltz no.2’, very frankish ‘It’s Wonderful’, Hawaiian cover of ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’, operatic ‘Time to say good bye’  plus various traditional Spanish tracks with of course a few tracks from the various ‘Chilled Ibiza’ collections.

On arrival, we were greeted and looked after throughout the night by Fabiola. She welcomed us in, advised us of the best foods and wine throughout the night, she even introduced us to their rather famous gargantuan pepper grinder called Porfirio Rubirosa, named after the famous Spanish Playboy!!!

Now, down to the food… We started with Aperol Spritz with a little nibble in the shape of battered Courgettes (Gluten Free) then we went onto three taster sized starters- which appeared to be normal large sized starters much to my satisfaction. First up was Tuna Tartare with Avocado, followed by Peruvian Monkfish Ceviche with a hint of cumin and then baked aubergine Parmigiana style with tomatoes and parmesan. What a way to start, each dish was just delectable especially the tartare which consisted of tuna and avocado mixed together, pure genius! The aubergine had that homely italian ‘feel-good’ taste which left us wanting more. Fabiola recommended a Marques de Riscal Sauvignon Blanc 2014 to go with the meal which complemented every dish perfectly.

The next dish was a Risotto alla Milanese with saffron and bone marrow, it was pure yellow yuminess! I do not usually eat rice, but when I do this
is exactly how I want it to taste, rich and creamy. Following a Paleo lifestyle means that I eat the likes of bone marrow whenever I can, and this was one dish I was very happy to eat.

It is worth mentioning at this point how amazing the table service was, our water glasses were always topped up, they looked after our Gluten Free requirements throughout and their serving etiquette was faultless, from a hand behind the back whilst pouring wine to the way they tended to us with such intuitive care. Several times Almudena Robles, the Spanish half of the couple who own the restaurant, checked in on us to make sure everything was going well and that we were well looked after. Massimo and Almudena opened the restaurant in 1981, since this time the place has evolved from the early days when the famous would visit from far and wide to the present day where it is has become a more romantic corner of the Ibiza where families, friends and couples come to dine amongst the beautiful surroundings.

It was now time for the main course. I opted for the Veal Paillard a thin grilled veal steak whilst my dining partner ‘Cheeky’ chose the Veal medallions with Marsala sauce, both came with Mediterranean vegetables and rosemary potatoes. I love non-complicated dishes that rely on a  simple combination of just a few top quality natural ingredients and these dishes really were the epitome of rustic cuisine.

When it comes to dessert we are both rather partial to anything chocolate or anything souffle based, so when perusing the dessert menu for gluten free options we were both delighted to see Tortino… Soufflé de chocolate. This was dessert to die for, If I had more space in my belly I would have gone all ‘Oliver Twist’ and asked for more.

We were sad once we had finished the last course because we really did not want to leave the intimate and very romantic atmosphere, so we decided to stall the proceedings by ordering our staple tipple Espresso Martini followed by perhaps a few more Espresso Martinis! Of course, this was all just so that we could stay longer at Las Dos Lunas, in fact, we loved the place so much that we were the last to leave.

If ever you find yourself on the island of Ibiza, no matter where you are or what you are up to it really is worth taking your time and making your way over to Las Dos Lunas for dinner. The food is rustic Italian and simply delicious, the music is random and fantastic and as the sun goes down the magic truly happens as the place reveals its true soul to you. You will not want to leave Las Dos Lunas…

Open From May to October from 20.00 to 01.30 all week.

Las Dos Luna
Ctra. Eivissa-Sant Antoni 5
Sant Antoni de Portmany
lles Balears, Spain


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