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LBD – The Little Black Dress

by Lis-Marie Liden

I plan my outfit for the next day in the evening before, if not I know I would stand there in the morning with way to many things to juggle, getting my winged eyeliner even, have my morning coffee and struggle to make sense of my hair. There just isn’t enough time to think up an outfit from scratch. Some people look at me like I’m slightly crazy when I tell them this but It’s my stylist thing, I have to. But I sometimes have the most brilliant idea the night before and when I then put it on in the morning I’m just not feeling it, then what do I do?

My “to go to” item is and will probably always be the LBD. I have many different shapes, body con, A-lined, everything from maxi length to just above the knee. I never feel underdressed and very rarely overdressed in my little black dresses. And it is so easy to just throw one on, it’s almost to the point where my hair and winged eyeliner won’t even have to be perfect as I know the dress will carry the look.

Ok so to the basics, it’s oh so very important to have the proper lingerie with this dress especially if the choice is the Body Con, we don’t want visible panty lines, or a fuchsia pink bra peeking out. If it’s a racer back cut or a strapless dress, please ladies use a bra for that purpose. A thing I really dislike is visible lingerie unless, and this is the only excuse, let’s say you have an open back dress and you just can’t do without a bra. Then if you have managed to find a bra with a backs-trap for the purpose to be shown and looks almost like it goes with the dress then go ahead, but that’s the only time, ok ladies?My own favorite to go to dress is a wrap dress from H&M that really hugs my waist, it’s a V-neck cut but subtle and a tulip skirt just above the knee, and like the cherry on top it has cap sleeves that falls perfectly on your shoulders. I am sadly no longer a high heel kind of girl so I usually add a chic pair of flats in the spirit of Audrey Hepburn. Add some accessories and I’m good to go, disaster averted.

Maybe you’re going for an after-work drink with friends, if you can do heels, by all means bring them and show off those legs, earrings with more bling and my favorite thing to add, a bangle of choice. And for me the to go to bag if you can leave the bigger one that we all know we need to fit our lives in when going to work, is the clutch. Nothing says chic to me like a clutch.

Add some red lipstick and voila, gorgeous.

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