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Le Spa Four Seasons Casablanca


After a hard day of sitting by the pool, sipping fresh juices and soaking up some vitamin D purely for medicinal purposes it was time to visit ‘Le Spa’ at the Four Seasons Casablanca where hopefully they would be able to help me recover from the perilous day. Cheeky and I had been booked in for a couples massage. It times like these that I hope our readers can appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that sometimes we have to go through!

We arrived at the reception of the spa and were given a guided tour of the spa facilities, which were like a labyrinth of passages connecting various rooms for treatments and steam rooms. There are ten spacious treatment rooms spread over the 700 square meter facility, with two of the rooms being dedicated couples treatments as well as heated whirlpools and steam rooms. Amongst the various treatments are traditional Moroccan treatments, customised packages, specific treatments for children and teenagers as well as Salon services. It is safe to say that there is a treatment for everyone at Le Spa.


As we entered Le Spa, the interior had a pleasant atmosphere and immediately promotes a feeling of relaxation when one enters. We then discussed with the masseurs if we had any tight muscles or problems and what level of pressure we prefered in our massages. We were then each taken to our separate changing rooms where we prepared for our massages. I was then led through to the couples massage room where I met up with Cheeky. The room was very dark and only lit by candles, but I could make out that it was a good sized room, with two very large modern massage beds, with the softest massage covers. We made ourselves comfortable on the beds and almost immediately we went to sleep due to the super comfy beds.


Amina and Narjisse, our masseuses entered the room and made sure that we were comfortable and ready for our treatments. Cheeky had opted for a softer approach for her massage whilst I asked for a hard tissue massage to help some of those tight muscles and knots in various places. The technique of massage was traditional Moroccan massage aimed at working on the muscle alone. For my massage the technique seemed to consist of a mixture of hard and soft techniques which I must say got great results. At times my masseuse went hard on the length of the back and then softened up at times just teasing the muscle. One area that often gets forgotten in massages are the ribs and sides of the abdomen where I often get tight muscles above the hips, but this time I really felt she managed to work the whole of abdomen.

During the massage they used the famous Moroccan Argan oil on both of us which was to leave our skins feeling soft and subtle, Cheeky’s was Rose Argan Oil and mine was Verbana Argan Oil, suffice to say we would be leaving the spa smelling fantastic. By the end of the session we both felt perfectly relaxed in mind and body after our hard day by the pool. I would recommend anyone staying at the Four Seasons Casablanca, whether you are visiting for some relaxing, business reasons or you are having to work hard by the pool, go and check yourself in for a massage at the Le Spa, you will not regret it.

Le Spa
Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca
Boulevard de la Corniche



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