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Lockdown Skin: Nourishing Skincare

by Lis-Marie Liden

I’m very proud of how good I have become when it comes to caring for my skin in lockdown and I dare say it looks much smoother. Some of my deeper lines are not as pronounced any more. More importantly is that I have become to understand what my skin wants. Due to mixed to oily and super complicated skin in my younger years I thought that’s where I was now, turns out I have dry skin and this is why it really needed a change in products.

I have had some amazing products sent to me and it’s been such a pleasure to try them out to help nourish my skin.

One of the absolutely stunning products I received is a set from Decorté. It felt like pure luxury from the start. The packaging is so beautiful! The products are placed almost like on a little mini pedestal inside. The creams and serums are kept inside these golden and black creations making your bathroom shelf look a like a treasure trove.

I received the Clean and Pure Hydrating Rich Milk Cleanser, it’s smooth and the fragrance is lush, it effortlessly removes make up or daily solutions from your skin all the while leaving it soft and hydrated. If I am preparing for my perhaps not so eventful day at home but still a day where I have little photoshoots I will move on to apply the VI-Fusion Essence which is a Micro-Treatment fluid serum, again the fragrance is stunning, you don’t need a lot of product as it goes a long way. It leaves your skin feeling soft and looking radiant. It absorbs quickly but you can tell it is still there doing all the good.

For the evening we have my favourite product from the set and that my lovelies is the Overnight Performance Cream. Just seeing it on my shelf makes me happy! It comes with a gorgeous little spatula helping you get the right amount of product. Again a little goes a long way. As I have touched on before, your skin naturally tries to regenerate when you sleep so this is a great time to give it that much needed care and boost.

It’s a fairly rich cream which worried me in the beginning as I’m prone to breakouts, but this was never an issue. It applies on rich but all the goodness was absorbed overnight.

Decorté is a Japanese Luxury Skincare brand created 1970, their formulations are based on Eastern medicine combined with scientific research. It really made my heart skip a beat when I read that Ingrid Bergman, a fellow Swede, and the stunning Grace Kelly were just a few of their ambassadors.

Another set of products I have tried to nourish my skin is from a brand that I am very familiar with and have reviewed before, and that’s Embryolisse. Embryolisse originates in 1950 where a dermatologist at a Parisian hospital specialising in skin diseases founded the original Milk-Cream Concentrate. 

 To start I used the Hydra-Serum, and don’t laugh, but the fragrance brought back memories of when I used to watch my grandma getting ready. It has that vintage tone to it and it’s just amazing. A little serum goes a long way and leaves your skin silky smooth. Following this journey back in time I went on to apply the Hydra-Creme Light, it’s a moisturiser a lightweight moisturiser that has White Nymphaea and micro and macro Hyaluronic acid that we all know by now are amazing ingredients. Easy set up for a daily skincare routine.

If I need some extra hydration for my skin during the day I use my SOS H2O Serum. It feels more like a cream than a serum in texture having that said there’s nothing advising against using it over night as well, remember your skins working hard during the time. This serum is packed with ingredients, it has active plant stem cells, White Truffle (how lush) and green Grape Stem cells. All this comes together as a lovely non greasy cream which absorbs nicely, it supports production of new skin cells and helps protect your skin’s elasticity.

As in many serums you can also find Hyaluronic Acid in there to support healthy looking skin but something that I really appreciate is the UVA and UVB sun protection with its SPF30. This is something that is so important for our skin if we want to avoid signs of early ageing, alongside other issues.

With its origin rooted from Chinese medicine I was lucky enough to try the Dermatology M Rose Otto Rejuvenating Cream. A rich cream with a modest scent to it. It has intense hydration and anti ageing support. It helps brighten the skin and even out skin tone, this is something that I have been looking for more and more lately. I have pigmentation or age spots as they’re also called, they are more pronounced during the summer but I always had a complex about them, so anything that helps reduce that is welcome in my book.

In this cream you will find Bakuchiol which acts as a natural retinol alternative, and this is what will help the skin tone and complexion. You will also see Rosehip Oil which is helping your skin to balance its own oils, and then the previously mentioned Hyaluronic acid. I’m hoping with further use that I will see my fine lines reduce but also that my skin will regain lustre.

NeuroSkinFeeds sent me two items, I already feel like a new woman with all these treats but I’m always open for more and ones skin can have so many needs. The first item is the MicroOil, I was going to go into each and every kind of oils it contains to become this soothing creation for both skin and mind, but instead I will tell you what they all will achieve as a mix.

This oil is anti inflammatory, boosting your immune system and calming your skin. It will protect your skin from sun damage, maintain elasticity and promote softness and very importantly for skin like mine, it will hydrate without clogging my pores. It will reduce dryness and relieve itching, this is something I have struggled with lately mostly along my forehead, I just couldn’t figure out why. It will also help with skin conditions such as Acne or Eczema and even help promote blood circulation amongst so many amazing things. It makes you wonder how in the world all these components fit in that little glass container. Easily applied by using the pipette and warming up a few drops with your hands before patting onto your skin. Non greasy and easy to use.

I also received their MicroMilk which also contains the Camelina Sativa Seed Oil that we saw in their MicroOil, but this is where to me it gets interesting, it also holds Cannabis Sativa Oil +1% CBD. It’s the first time I try a cream containing this ingredient, fun! This helps regenerate and improve the skin’s structure but all the while it’s relaxing your mind. We also see Aloe Vera and Shea Butter mixed in there helping to heal and condition your skin but also reducing inflammation and reduce itchiness. I’m very bad at remembering to moisturise my entire self. I am so focussed on my face that my poor body is calling out for help. So this was a nice addition, absorbs quickly leaving my skin soft and soothed. And do not get me started on the gorgeous shine it gave my skin, my legs were beach ready if I were to go to one, for now they will be “at home” ready and totally glam and I am OK with that!

So make sure to take care of your skin this Lockdown and try out these nourishing creams, lotions and serums so when we are back out your skin shines.

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