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London Fashion Week SS18


I was so excited to have wandered amongst all of the amazing fashionistas and fashion savvy people and to feel the high and the buzz of London at it’s finest, I am of course talking about London Fashion Week. I had the pleasure to see some beautiful shows and exhibitions with inspirations from all over the world from places to animals and fabrics from every part of the spectrum with eye-catching prints, textures and colours. So with no further ado here are my favourites.


Jiri Kalfar SS18 was inspired by the love of bees, influenced by the importance of looking after our planet and the part bees play within that. Focus was on sustainable eco-friendly ways to produce luxury pieces. This particular collection was a mix of semi-couture handmade pieces mixed with commercial items like printed t-shirts and accessories such as baseball caps and a bee detailed hat. The collection was feminine and playful, cinched waists and layers. We saw skirts on top of trousers come back in this collection in a very fierce way topped off with a cropped jacket. Included in the collection were velvets, lace and silks plus sequins and embroidery all in colours that represented the bee including blacks, gold and floral.

Edda SS18 beautiful 50’s silhouettes, which are right up my alley, were printed art works on feminine silhouettes, all inspired by iconic women such as Greta Garbo, who proudly stuck to their individual style, feminine yet fierce and independent. The prints are playful and quirky; she has used her non-dominant hand to draw the prints that were used in the collection, which I found so interesting! The colours range from mustard, olive, hues of grey, light pink to blue and topped off with a gorgeous yellow. She’s used silks, cotton twill, canvas, cotton mesh and crepe to create her collection. Accessories followed the same idea with bold prints and colours in the shape of hats, bags and amazing shoes.


Kolchagov Barba SS18 was a strong versatile collection ranging from beachwear to evening gowns. A collection inspired by the British painter Jeremy Houghton and a tribute to art and its freedom. The collection is called Borderless and is inspired by Jeremy Houghton’s Flying birds paintings. The prints had been transformed beautifully into dresses; the flow of the fabrics as they came down the runway gave you a borderless feel that represented the concept of freedom. Laces, feathers, floaty fabrics and prints throughout in both pops of colour and interesting sheen, overall a dreamy collection.

Hellavagirl Human Meat Freaks SS18 was extreme but fierce and so so interesting. The shapes and choices of fabrics meshed together in a rock and roll, genderless, extravagant, fetish inspired collection. Sequins, feathers, knee high latex boots and heavy necklaces paired with spiky hair and smoky eyes. The collection featured amazing gowns accentuated by feathers or fur like collars, floor length fringes and layers and layers of black tulle. This was definitely a show to remember.



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