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Lost Boys Pizza

by Yemi Edwards

Lost Boys Pizza is located in north west London with the first one opening in Archway last year in June. Alex Fisher and Peter Crozier-Clucas brought the pizza place to life to celebrate the 80s. The successful team opened the Camden branch and Absinthe bar, Croque Monsieur, situated below the iconic restaurant. The Camden branch has been thoughtfully designed to mimic the Frog Brother Comic Book Store in the classic movie, The Lost Boys.

When we walked in, the ambience was dark but cosy. The ceiling was clustered with black and white comic book pages and the walls featured framed vintage comics from the owners’ collection. It provided a coastal feel to it (from the movie) with the colours of brass and beach blue paint. A few neon signage was decked about the small restaurant. We were greeted by Paloma, a very enthusiastic and very clued up hostess, who educated us fully about the history behind the pizzas and background of why the restaurant was opened and themed in this style.The pizzas are made with black charcoal dough, and there are vegan and gluten-free options available. The creative menu is painted on the wall to be environmentally friendly.

We selected Fangs for the Memory – toppings: Chorizo, peppers, onions, chilli flakes. Plus, the Ready Pizza One – toppings: Apple smoked ham, red chilli, Lost Boys spicy green pineapple relish.

The relish on the Ready Pizza One had a subtle sweetness to it. With the heat of the chilli, the flavours had a perfect balance on the palate and quite enjoyable. This was the first time I had knowingly ordered pineapple with a pizza.

I loved the meaty flavour of the Fangs for the Memory. The amount of chilli was perfect, you could just taste the absolute freshness of the pizza, including the cheese. Out the two chosen, this was my favourite.

The charcoal pizzas, though they are big and full of wonderful ingredients, were light, crispy and didn’t leave that gut expanding filling. Not that it left you feeling unsatisfied, in fact, because the dough was so light it made you want to devour into more, not missing a bite!Instead of going for puddings, a couple of cocktails caught our eye! We went for the Necroni: Gin, Campari, dead good Vermouth and the Ryders on the Storm: Wild Turkey, Lime, Ginger Bitters.

After this amazing feast, we were then introduced to the Absinthe bar: Croque Monsieur. A brand new Absinthe bar invites Londoners to have wild and wonderful times with La Fee Verte. In this tiny basement bar, absinthe is taken from its dark history and catapulted into London’s present as the world of this mysterious and potent green liquid is opened up to connoisseurs and newcomers alike. Head down the iron staircase, a stained glass window will allow guests a sneak peek into this green-tinged absinthe den before ringing the bell for entry. Featuring absinthe fountains on each table, church pews as seating and Art Deco prints on the wall, Croque Monsieur offers an extensive range of brands, from reversed engineered liquids to more traditional names, meaning guests will be able to enjoy absinthe in its purest forms, as well as in delicious and approachable cocktails. Jenny was on hand to give a very in-depth conversation about the history of Absinthe and the medicinal factors.

The new location, the team and the food made for a very entertaining and satisfying evening for two. Look out for the restaurant’s movie nights and themed evenings. Only about 15-20 mins from Waterloo, it is a dining experience you must tick off the bucket list.

Lost Boys Pizza & Croque Monsieur
245 Eversholt Street,
United Kingdom

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