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Luxury Beauty for Spring

by Lorna Oakley

The latest lineup in luxury beauty for Spring… There is SO much I want to share, from new releases from my favourite beauty brands, forever classics and the latest launches.

Organic Pharmacy, a luxury choice

I was kindly sent a skincare set designed to restore radiance, made up of the four acid peel serum and the four acid peel corrective mask. These are quick-working products with results in as little as two weeks, this is the time of year when our skin needs all the help it can get (also, my forty-three-year-old face needs all the help it can get too).

The gentle, yet powerful, jelly mask works to renew, resurface and brighten by gently polishing away dead skin cells for luminous results, even the mask itself glows with a pale gold shimmer. Organic Pharmacy claims it brightens, exfoliates and improves texture; I have seen an improvement and unlike other masks, this isn’t messy, it feels light and clean.

After the mask I used the serum for a double whammy luxury skincare fix, as you may have noticed by previous pieces I have written I’m a big fan of facial oils so this was a completely different feel for me. The unique organic serum with 0.2% triple molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid for powerful results. It’s light, easily absorbed and suitable for all skins, however, if like me you have drier skin; I’d suggest an eye cream or serum.

Organic pharmacy skin 1

The Jojoba Company Transformative Serum

The Jojoba Company have packed their transformative luxury eye serum with anti-ageing peptides and active natural ingredients, your wrinkles and fine lines are instantly reduced your eyes appear more open and wrinkle volume is decreased. The precision cooling tip is a lovely addition to the product’s design, created to further stimulate the skin and increase circulation together with the powerful actives. The refreshing eye serum lifts and smooths the contours of the eye for visibly brighter, open eyes.

With a precision cooling tip to further stimulate the skin and increase circulation together with the powerful actives. It’s a lovely luxury treatment at the end of the day, I keep this in the fridge!

The Jojoba Company Serum


Founded by Ben Grace in 2020, SBTRCT was born out of one guiding principle; less is more. By stripping out the things we don’t need in life, we are more able to love the things we have made a conscious choice to keep. As you may have seen, I’ll only work with Vegan and cruelty-free products, SBTRCT goes a step further. Ironically, an industry created to cleanse and care is making our planet a dirty place – we they to help clean things up.

“At SBTRCT (pronounced Subtract) we are pioneers of high-performing, sustainable skincare. We create solid-state products for people who want to make a difference, without compromising on great skin or beautiful design”. 100% plastic-free, palm oil-free and with nominal water content, their products address the three biggest environmental challenges facing the beauty industry: plastic pollution, water waste and over-reliance on palm oil.

The products are in a bar format, and I’ve been using them for a week so far the cleanser is not drying and your skin feels so much softer after, it’s a lot different to the carrot butter I usually use from organic pharmacy, but this is a different kind of product; it’s a gentle luxury foam with no residue; it truly feels cleaner. The moisturising facial balm is quick to absorb and once you get used to how to use it, it’s the perfect morning moisturiser.


Decleor – Baume de Nuit

I was sent the green Mandarin Night Balm from Decleor, It’s a 99% natural-origin overnight solution to nourish your skin and revive your glow. As I’ve got older I feel my skin is dryer, so this heavy-duty balm is a godsend, especially this time of year, my skin does not do cold; I swear I was born in the wrong country.

Its cocooning balm texture melts into the skin to infuse it with active ingredients throughout the night. The skin feels immediately hydrated and nourished. It feels more comfortable. Overnight, the skin feels smoother and re-plumped, with a healthy glow. It looks revitalised and less tired, as it re-energised. The texture is not creamy, it’s heavy;  it feels like it will work before you even put it on your skin, I loved it!


We may not be in the Med right now, but I’m a firm believer in scents evoking memories and why not collaborate with a luxury scent brand inspired by Ancient Rome and the Romans’ obsession for perfume along with the history that echoes through their empire and mythology where scent was woven into the rich tapestry of everyday life. Fountains were scented with rose water and perfume was part of cleansing rituals, celebrations, feasts, seduction and worship.

Through the mists of time, Roman legends whisper of epicurean pleasures and extravagance, of ambition and seduction. These colourful tales and rituals inspire all their fragrances. The Romans were the original perfume connoisseurs on a constant quest for the finest things in life.

They collected perfume oils and ingredients from across the Empire, following the Silk Road from West to East. Electimuss shares that obsession for creativity, luxury and the quest for the best. It means “to choose the best” in Latin and that ethos is at the heart of their brand. Exquisite oils and resins in their fragrances are rare and precious and blended with meticulous attention paid to every note and detail.

They love to create intense and indulgent fragrances with potent combinations which make for powerful long-lasting perfumes with unbeatable projection and longevity. This ensures a spray goes a long way and that you get the most out of your perfume. “We work with some of the world’s most talented perfumers. Our collection boasts fragrances by Julien Rasquinet, Christian Provenzano, John Stephens, Marco Genovese and Sofia Bardelli.”

Elect perfume


Childhood best friends Mihaela Donska and Yoana Radeva founded Mazillo in December 2021, inspired by the history and folklore of their homeland, Bulgaria. The two grew up together, seeing their grandmothers prepare local remedies and hearing the legends behind them. They wanted to bring these forgotten practices to the 21st Century. The pair have created potent and effective formulas using cutting-edge techniques, including plant stem cells developed by a group of Bulgarian scientists.

Mazillo is now trying to tackle the fleeting nature of skincare fads by reviving, advancing, and sharing ancient wisdom. The emerging brand sells a 5-step skincare routine based on traditional recipes. Just under 90% of Mazillo’s formulas contain local ingredients, some of which are exclusive to the region. They’ve embraced modern skincare science to take these precious botanicals to a luxury level.

Research shows that the stem cells in plants stimulate better cell turnover, repairing skin exposed to harmful environmental factors. I was sent the cleanser and the replenishing moisturiser, made with the rare Orpheus flower found exclusively in the Rhodope region of Bulgaria. It facilitates skin’s natural regeneration and the 100% natural refreshing luxury formula will leave your skin hydrated.

Backed by tradition, powered by stem cells, 79% of the moisturiser is made of locally sourced Bulgarian ingredients. “Though the brand is just one year old, its formulas are far from a fad. It’s science-backed skincare that has passed the test of time.  Born and formulated in Bulgaria, Mazillo is a female-owned skincare brand inspired by folklore”.

To conclude, there are so many incredible luxury beauty and lifestyle brands out there that not only work wonders for your skin and well-being; they combine science with tradition via the latest technologies with knowledge handed down from generations.

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