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Meet the Winners of the Eluxe Awards 2021

by Eluxe Magazine

Here we go again, with the most anticipated event for sustainable luxury brands: the announcement of the winners of the Eluxe Awards 2021. These are the world’s first ever accolades for excellence in the sustainable luxury market. This platform has contributed to bringing exposure to all those labels that have made a difference in making our planet more sustainable, but without neglecting quality and style!

It seems every edition keeps getting better and better, that’s definitely true for this year’s awards. Nominees included up and coming brands such as Frida Rome, 1 People, FLŌA and So Long Marianne.

The judges, including me, Lady Charlotte Lynham, Founder of the Bespoke Black BookKenny Jackson-Forrest, Style & Trashion Founder and Trashion Forward Author; Noa Ben Moshe,Fashion Journalist and Founder of Style with a Smile; Sruti S Raman, Creator of Love And Blossoms, and others, had a hard time making their decisions. But in the end, they managed to select what they thought were the best brands to win the awards.

The winners are as below.Best Clean Beauty

ELATE Cosmetics

This cruelty-free vegan brand is exceptionally ethical. Elate offers not only clean and nourishing colour cosmetics and skincare products, but they’re all also housed in eco-friendly, biodegradable bamboo containers.

Their products are gentle on the skin and good for our Earth, since they are 100% vegan and contain no harsh chemicals. Even their marketing is sustainable, since Elate is a B-Corporation, putting the people and the planet before profits.

Our judges said: “It’s a rare find to discover a cosmetics company like this. Vegan, clean, ethical, and even in conscious packaging! There’s a wide variety of products to choose from, and a lot to love.Best Vegan Beauty Brand 

Clockface Beauty

Clockface Beauty is the result of the team effort and vision of a mother and daughter who wanted to create an all-natural beauty brand. This home-owned company from the UK uses exquisite plant-based ingredients such as argan oil, apricot kernel oil and avocado butter. The brand also works alongside The Marine Conservation Society. By making a donation for every product they sell, they help protect our oceans.

Our judges said: “Love the fact the skincare is prescribed to you depending on you personal needs., makes it more personal.

Best Ethical Luxury Brand 

So Long Marianne

This handbag brand is all about a love for animals. Their vegan accessories are stunningly designed luxury pieces that will never run out of style. Named after a Leonard Cohen song, these bags are designed to last forever, thus also embodying the concept of slow fashion.

Our judges said: “Fashionable and functional bags with great eco credentials for those with an eye for style style. Love the simplicity of the design and the quality of the materials.Ethical Brand of the Year 


Aurum is an acronym for Ambition, Understanding, Responsibility, Unity and Mindfulness.  With these principles in mind, the Icelandic label founded by goldsmith and jewellery designer Guobjorg Kristín Ingvarsdottir, brings to life elegant pieces that are crafted with incredible delicacy. The minimalism in each bijoux instills in the wearer a chic allure.

Our judges said: “Beautiful designs and love the packaging.

Best Jewellery Brand


This ethical jewellery brand is exceptionally stylish. Its conscientiousness can be found in the material it uses — recycled gold and cultured diamonds — as well as the sustainable boxes used for the packaging. Furthermore, the production process of each piece provides jobs for over two thousand artisans who are paid with fair wages and work in highly ethical conditions. This brand is truly beautiful inside and out.

Our judges said: “Delicate and beautiful pieces infused with planet-friendly ethics”Best Up and Coming Brand


Murmali brings cork to a level of sublimity! The vegan brand creates high-end accessories that are ethically handcrafted with a cruelty-free, sustainable material – cork, of course. Their sources are the forests of Southern Spain and Portugal. The trees are conserved and sustained by the stripping of the cork from their bark. No harm is done!

Our judges said: “Superchic! It’s great to see new ethical brands like this emerging.

Vegan Brand of the Year 

Ella & Witt

This vegan company designs trendy trainers for men and women by using Earth-friendly recycled and organic materials. Of course, they are 100% free of animal ingredients and solvents. The shoes come in bright, cheery colours and dynamic designs, and they’re available to order internationally.

Our judges said: “Classic sneakers in unisex styles that go with basically everything!Best Slow Fashion Brand

Bespoke Southerly

We all want to feel – and look – gorgeous when dolling up for a special occasion. And Bespoke Southerly knows all the tricks to working this magic! This bespoke fashion company enables women to customise their wardrobe, exactly like men do for suiting. You choose your fabric, specify your measurements, and your garment is made to order, just for you. The very definition of slow fashion, no?

Our judges said: “Elegant, locally and sustainably made slow fashion at its best.

Best Ethical Fashion Brand 

The Morphbag

The Morphbag by GSK is a functionally, elegant and versatile handbag solution for the busy and stylish woman. Each tote bag is 2-in-1, as they’re fully reversible. The label is PETA and Vegan Society certified, and comes in three-colour coordinated designs. Furthermore, this ‘everyday bag’ is very easy to clean, as you simply wash it by wiping it down. Done!

Our judges said: “Classic, simple, chic, and versatile. Plus, it’s vegan friendly and constantly increasing its sustainability. What else do you need?People’s Choice 


This was a tough one! The public chooses the winner in this category, and this year, it was between WA:IT and sustainable streetwear brand BRND&Co. After a bit of a battle on Facebook, WA:IT came out the winner.

WA:IT produces all-natural perfumes, creams, body scrubs and other skincare products. The brand really cares about ethics in all the steps of its production. In fact, it has gained a Carbon-Negative Status and is the first beauty brand in Europe to have attained it! WA:IT’s beautiful, minimalist packaging is also completely recyclable and biodegradable, with FSC certification.

Our judges said: “Love the simplicity of the brand and the branding is lovely and clean and fashionable.

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